Local students & police react to Florida school shooting

Students and police react to Florida school shooting

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Local kids say they are shocked by the events that happened in Florida but aren't afraid to go to class. Palm Springs police is asking families to talk to their kids about the heavy topic of school shootings.

The alarming images coming out of Parkland, Flordia paint a nightmare picture seen across the country including local students.

"Those families lost their child, all those people that got killed or are injured. It's also scary cause it can happen here. It can happen anywhere," said Alex Christian, a senior at Palm Springs High School.

Alex says he couldn't fathom being in an active shooter situation.

"It's like one of those thoughts that just keeps you up at night sometimes," Alex said.

Captain Mike Kovaleff with the Palm Springs Police Department said officers have worked together with local school districts creating plans in case of emergency in light of recent events. 

"We've met with the staff and gone over this with all the schools here in Palm Springs Unified School district that are within our city," Kovaleff said. 

The district is already getting all of its teacher training if there is a threat on campus and is asking parents to facilitate a discussion with their older kids so they will be aware. How old? That depends on the maturity of the student.

"The important thing is to have those conversations to assure them that in the event something like this happens, is to have a plan and be prepared."

For Alex, he says he's not scared of going back to school but is remaining vigilant in case the worst is to ever happen.

"It might happen today. You can't really predict when it's going to happen," Alex said.

Palm Springs police is asking both students and parents if they see something to say something. If someone is making a threat-notify police. 

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