Local soldier on Wednesday's Ellen DeGeneres show

Michelle Cherland a special guest on Ellen

Local Soldier on Wednesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show

BURBANK, Calif. - Michelle Cherland and her husband, Rod, are accustomed to doing double duty.  

"I'm a captain in the United States Army Reserve," Michelle said.

"I am a correctional officer and when my wife is gone away on deployments I do a dual parent role," Rod said.

They have seven kids together, and she has even more in her classroom at Carrillo Ranch Elementary School.  

But, a Federal Magnet Grant recently ran out, and the school faces tough times.

"The teachers have to buy a lot of the supplies?" Ellen DeGeneres asked the couple on her talk show Wednesday. 

"Yea, I buy a little too much I think than he wants me to," Michelle said.

 Michelle wrote to Ellen to share her story. Watching the show while deployed in Afghanistan gave her hope.

"It just gives you that happy, for a second. In this place that's just absolutely evil, there's all of a sudden this bright light of happy," Michelle said.

And, in true Ellen form, a big surprise was in store for Michelle. 

"We want to help out the school, because I know that that means a lot to you because you're going to school to get your Master's as well. My friends at Shutterfly want to help and they're going to give your school $15,000," Ellen announced as a large check was brought on stage for Michelle and Rod. 

But it didn't stop there.

"I know you've been wanting to go on a family vacation, and Shutterfly wants to help capture all the moments.  They're going to send you on a seven-day, your entire family, on a seven-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera," Ellen said.

Michelle had a hard time putting into words her gratitude.

"You just want to say thank you.  I don't even know if that's even enough.  It's going to do wondrous things for our school," Michelle said. 

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