Nellie Coffman Middle School class wins $500 for exploratory program

Class teaches conservation, life skills

Nellie Coffman Middle School class wins

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Our January One Class At a Time award goes to Ms. Hadley's exploratory program at Nellie Coffman Middle School in Cathedral City. 

"Schools are in the news now for the wrong reason, especially with backdrop about what happened in Florida. We are excited it's inspirational and we are excited to celebrate what Mrs. Hadley has done here," Walter Clark of Walter Clark Legal Group said. 

Then we made our way outside to the garden to learn more about this class and how far it's come. 

"This is what it looked like seven years ago and this is what it looks like now," Ms. Hadley said. 

"The class is different for every teacher. My glass is for the garden and recycled art. It teaches them about earth conservation and good life skills," she said. 

Now, with this $500 from the Walter Clark Legal Group, "New tools, new equipment, more chicken food, more plants."

"I like to learn that we can plant things without going to the market and buying a lot," student Ayleen Hernandez said. 

"We can also recycle and feed the chickens and check their eggs," student Patience Cano said. 

"I'm learning to hold the chicken without it flapping on my face," student Carson Honaker said. 

To apply for next month's award, click here.

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