Local radio station group broken into, video shows suspects' faces

PALM DESERT, Calif. - "A couple men broke into the Marker Broadcasting transmitter sight on Dillon Road. Significant damage. Stuff stolen. Doors beaten in. Generator was yanked out," president of Marker Broadcasting Todd Marker said. 

Marker told us just how much the thieves got away with.

"Damage and stolen it's probably $25,000 to $30,000 dollars," he said. 

Marker says companies are getting hit hard, stolen copper or generators -- it's happening too often.

"These guys knew what they were doing. It's a business to them. It's sad they're going after these companies trying to employ people and keep a business," Marker said. 

Surveillance video captured the two men taking electronics from the building. Marker is using that to the fullest. 

"We're putting out a reward. $500 per man. $1000 for the capture of these two people. We just don't want any other electrical companies getting stuff stolen and going through what we're going through," he said. 

Luckily, the stolen items don't affect what you hear daily on the radio.

"I'm having to pay for the cost of the thing here but we're still able to run, not skip a beat in our day-to-day operations but it's just taking up my time when I could be doing more productive things," he said. 

Now, as the music keeps on playing, the hunt continues as well. 

"The pictures are very clear. We have video pictures, very good pictures. Believe me, if anyone knows them they'll be able to identify them off the pictures we have," Marker said. 

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