Local philanthropist nearly dies from diabetes

ADA Step Out Walk this weekend in Palm Desert

Local philanthropist nearly dies from hi

INDIO, Calif. - Every 23 seconds someone hears the words, "You have diabetes," according to the American Diabetes Association. Ernesto Rosales is one of those people who was diagnosed, and it nearly cost him his life.

After 16 years of insulin injections, it all almost came to an end on July 10, 2017. 

"I had a change of physicians, a change of insurance, and I just kind of put my guard down for a little bit, and that's all it takes," said Rosales, "I wound up one morning on my way to play golf, and I didn't make it and within 12 hours, I was in an induced coma at JFK [hospital]. It's amazing, I woke up 18, 19 days later."

A type 2 diabetic, Rosales says he's grateful he got the medical care he needed to survive. 

"I'm happy to be alive...because for the first week when I was in the hospital, my family was told a couple of times that I wasn't going to make it," said Rosales.

Words Rosales is familiar with, but not when it comes to himself. Rosales is a mortuary manager. He says given his profession, death doesn't scare him, but seeing who would have attended his own funeral at his bedside after waking up from his coma made him appreciate life just that much more.

As a board member for the local chapter of the American Diabetes Association, Rosales hopes valley residents will support their friends and family facing diabetes and seek necessary treatment to stay healthy.

The American Diabetes Association is hosting its annual Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes on Saturday, November 4 at Civic Center Park in Palm Desert. You can register here.

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