Local Pet Product Company Reaches Out to Former Tala Enterprise Employees

Luxury pet product manufacturer offers jobs to employees left high and dry

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - Former employees of a Thousand Palms clothing manufacturer first came to News Channel 3, to tell us about their paychecks bouncing and their struggles to get their money, from the owner of the company.In the meantime, another local business owner saw our story and wants to reach out to the employees, now out of work, due to the troubles at Tala Enterprise.

Animals Matter Inc. is looking for qualified workers and believes it may be just the right fit, for the people at the heart of our story. Nancy Klein Avera and her husband, Scott own the luxury, pet product manufacturing company and moved it from Torrance to Palm Springs, back in October. Nancy says, "I think what really made me pick up the phone was I saw a lot of people, and the lady who had a baby, who talked about needing to make more money and that they weren't being paid and our struggle here is just getting great people, because we're trying to expand and we're not able to get our products made quickly enough and I thought it was the perfect match."

They purchased the old Lamar building, on Valdivia Way, turning it into a production warehouse. Finding qualified employees locally, who can sew and work with fabric hasn't been easy. Scott tells us, "We are a high-end luxury pet product manufacturer so we make car seats for dogs, ramp, steps, and dog beds. We're talking about high-grade upholstry-type fabrics, so it must be an experienced worker. We're looking for packing, warehouse positions, shipping and possibly bookkeeping."

Andrew Mejia of Indio found his job with Animals Matter online. He's been working full-time, since November and says it's been nothing but positive. Mejia says, "It's a small company. They take care of you treat you like family, the bosses."

That's the kind of experience they hope to share with the people in our story. Nancy says, "The goal is really to enjoy what we do and hope our employees enjoy what they do and that we all do it together and enjoy it. That's what we hope."

And Scott agrees. He says, "It's a fun place to work. We're a hip company and we have a lot of fun. If anyone is interested, please give us a call."

We've contacted the former Tala Enterprise employees and put them in touch with Scott and Nancy. In fact while we were shooting our story, one of them called and they're in the process of scheduling a time to meet.

If you would like more information on Animals Matter and the opportunities that are available, e-mail them at or call 760-969-7333.

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