While most people enjoy their Labor Day by the pool or BBQing in the backyard, our local first responders are hard at work. There's no days off when it comes to protecting and serving the community.

"Working on a holiday is pretty much like any other day. We come in, we do our morning checks, we train for the day, we prepare for whatever can come our way that day," said Cathedral City Fire Captain Shaun Malone.

They're working hard so you can enjoy your day off. Monday is proving to be a busy one.

"The day has been busy, I think everyone has been a little bit busy," said firefighter/paramedic Corey Goddard.

We're in the middle of fire season and Captain Malone is no stranger to working tirelessly to ensure communities are protected.

"It's been a very active fire season so far this year. So we're expecting it to get a little bit worse, knowing that we make sure we're prepared everyday to go out and protect the community," Malone said.

Goddard said that just because it's a holiday doesn't mean there won't be emergencies.

"Oh, it's important because the people of the city expect us to be here, so we're here for them whenever they need us," Goddard said.

Labor Day falling just before an important anniversary, 9/11.

Goddard said it's important to remember those who sacrificed their lives.

"I think it's extremely important to remember the ones that lost their lives, especially to think they were just trying to help people," Goddard said.

He and other members of the Cathedral City Fire Department traveling to San Diego to honor those who lost their lives on September 11th.

"We will have seven from our department and some from dispatch doing the San Diego Stair Climb, which is 90 floors, and we will do it in full gear and it raises money for firefighter aid," Goddard said.

So on days when you get to kick back and relax, remember those who are working to make sure you can do so safely.