Local elementary school wins $500 award

Mecca elementary school wins $500 award

MECCA, Calif. - The idea for Ms. Lopez's class at Saul Martinez Elementary School to apply for the One Class At A Time award was born of necessity. 

"They requested Anne Frank or I Am Malala and we didn't have them, and the kids were like 'what can we do?'" Ms. Lopez said. 

So to buy more books, they applied for One Class At A Time. What happened next was born of generosity.

"We said whatever money we get we're going to donate it to the school library," Ms. Lopez said. 

Now, with this $500, the library will get new books, filling some empty shelves. So now,  these kids can read the books of their dreams. 

"My favorite books like science fiction, Last Kids on Earth, And non-fiction like about Abe Lincoln, George Washington history," sixth grader Emmanuel Castro Alvarez said. 

To apply for next month's award, click here. 

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