Local casino closes for renovations


COACHELLA, Calif. - Augustine Casino in Coachella is temporarily closing down for major renovations next week.

Players like JoAnne Wilson are looking forward to the renovations.

"I'm really excited about the whole thing, to tell you the truth," said Wilson.

Augustine casino opened 14 years ago and will be closing for the first time on Sept. 19. The casino is expected to reopen on Oct. 16.

Jef Bauer, the general manager at Augustine Casino, said the casino got a head start on renovations on Tuesday.

"You can't tell that this was a bar. As of yesterday, we completely gutted it and it will be a brand new focal point to the casino. It's going to be beautiful," said Bauer.

Bauer said closing in September will prepare the casino for busy season, which normally starts in October.

"When we reopen Augustine Casino, its going to be the same strategy, loosest slots around, best value on food, friendliest employees in the area. It will just be beautiful," said Bauer.

Bauer is confident the upgrade will boost the Valley's economy.

"There are 400 employees who work here, who make a living and who spend money in the Valley and when they get to work year round and business is better for us, business is better for them, and that's a big boon for the economy," said Bauer.

Employees at Augustine say they've been anticipating the remodeling for months.

"Everybody is very excited on our side to get this place freshened up. I think its going to bring from the team member's side, a real sense of pride how beautiful Augustine Casino can be, and from the guest side, I think there are customers who don't come to Augustine because they feel its tired or worn out or not their place...So I think its going to bring a whole new place for customers," said Bauer.

Wilson says she's excited for one thing:

"The day they open it up again and seeing how beautiful it is!" she said.

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