Local business helps wash away sand from Haboob

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COACHELLA VALLEY, Calif. - The Coachella Valley spend Friday cleaning up a layer of dust left behind by Thursday's Haboob.  From pools and solar panels to cars and sidewalks, we found a business in Rancho Mirage that is happy to help. 

All day long at Quick N Clean it was car after car lining up to go through the car wash, washing away what's left of the sand storm.

"It got real crazy real quick, then it seemed to die down as fast as it came," said La Quinta resident Luke Hanna.

Within moments fierce winds carrying sand battered the Coachella Valley.  This dead tree smashed into a car and sent one man to the hospital in Palm Springs, all cleaned up less than 24 hours later. 

In Indio, a tree in vacant lot collapsed on home right next door. no one was hurt. The City of Indio also reported a few down branches and trees but nothing serious. 

The City of La Quinta told us clean up right way Friday afternoon. Crews cleared nearly 2 dozen calls of trees, branches and debris that were knocked down on roads or sidewalks. 

Just about everywhere in the Coachella Valley the storm caked cars with sand.

"I just arrived back at the airport from a business trip to Orlando and saw my car completely covered with probably an inch of dust and sand everywhere.  I've traveled a lot, it's the first time I've seen it like that," said Palm Desert resident Mike Haper.

A quick drive through the car wash, and the sandy haboob is a distant memory. 

"Just a lot of dirt, which the car wash has just taken care of," said Haper.

All day cars quick and clean did just that, enjoying the increase in business.

"We've been busy for the last several weeks due to the rain and the sand storms so business has been picking up a lot," said Quick N Clean manager Michelle Pace.

While sand can damage the paint of your car over time, it can also lower your gas mileage. 

"What happens is if the sand blocks the air filter and clogs it up it will restrict the airflow into the engine causing it to waste more gas," said Sergio's Auto Repair technician Sergio Ceballos. 

As you are cleaning at home this weekend remember we are still in a drought and under water restrictions. That means if you are washing your car yourself,  you can only use a hose with a shutoff nozzle or just a bucket.  Also remember you can't hose off your driveway or patio. To get rid of the dust,  you have to do it the old fashion way and use a broom.


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