Our warm weather is bringing bees out early this year keeping bee removal companies very busy in the Coachella Valley.  But what happens, if you can't afford to get a dangerous hive removed?  Where do you turn? We went looking for answers. 

"They just kind of moved in and took over," said Thousand Palms homeowner Jeremiah Chiofolo. 

Chiofolo is a disabled veteran and can't afford to remove bees that have made themselves home underneath this shed.

"I'm on a fixed income and it's a low income and I've called up and they said it can be as high as $2,000 to get them removed and I don't have that kind of money to spend on this," said Chiofolo. 

To make matters worse, he is also allergic to bees.

"If I get stung I have to go to the hospital immediately," said Chiofolo.

So far Chiofolo has been lucky, but that's not the case of everyone who lives at his house.

"The other day I went back there with my chair, and my hat, I couldn't get it out because a bee got stuck here and I some how got it out," said resident Cynthia Rullo.

"One of my tenants have been stung once in the shoulder and once in the head," said Chiofolo. 

"I've called several places, Office on Aging, Riverside info line, to get information and to see who could help a senior who is a homeowner and who is disabled," said Rullo.

So far they've come up empty, that's why they called us.  We contacted local bee experts who offer discounted rates and payment plans for those that need help. 

"Somebody has to be compassionate, I'll raise my hand on that one," said master beekeeper Lance Davis.

Davis says this is the time of year when a hive needs to be taken care of right away.

"The hives become very large and very defensive, the larger the hive the more defensive they get," explained Davis.

We've seen what can happen when bees get aggressive.  Earlier this month thousands of killer bees attacked a 71-year old woman in Palm Desert, stinging her about thousand times.  Luckily with the help of brave firefighters, she survived. 

As for Chiofolo's hive, Davis says he should have it out by next week. 

Here is are some bee removal companies that told us they will offer discounts to seniors.  

     Killer Bee Live Removal 

     Lance Davis (760) 346-9542

     Pest Control Solutions

     (760) 464-8380 or (760) 409-6871

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