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Patriotic songs and tribute sung throughout the Valley in honor of Memorial Day

Patriotic songs sung throughout the...

COACHELLA VALLEY, Calif. - Memorial services throughout the Valley honored the more than 1 million fallen men and women who died serving our country.

"Everything we have, we owe to these guys and girls who went and fought for us," Desert Hot Springs City Councilman Russell Betts said.

Many people in Indian Wells and Desert Hot Springs spent the day remembering why men and women fight for the country's freedoms and why, on Memorial Day, it should be spent honoring those who have fallen.

"Back to 1775 when we were fighting for our independence and every conflict that we have been in and that we are still involved in, we have people making a sacrifice not only for our country but for those countries that are being oppressed," Desert Hot Springs Police Chief Dale Mondary said.

The patriotic sound of children singing filled the room at the Pavilion in Indian Wells. In Desert Hot Springs, many enjoyed the outdoors at Veterans Park, inviting children to take a moment and remember fallen heroes.

"Day to day we forget about the sacrifices, truly the ultimate sacrifice, that some people made and it's not just the individual it's that individual's family and extended family that are affected by this," Mondary said.

Although many who have served our country have fallen, the U.S. flag will continue to be a reminder of those who have fought for our country's freedoms.

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