Lestat Lives:  That was the headline Monday morning across the literary world. 

Local Author Anne Rice, announced Sunday night on her son Christopher Rice's radio blog "The Dinner Party Show with Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn", that a new installment of the Vampire Chronicles will be on store shelves later this year. 

The book is titled "Prince Lestat" and is set to be published on October 28th.

"It was such a relief and such a pleasure, at last, to be able to speak about the up and coming novel, which I finished some time ago," says Rice. 

The popular vampire series started with "Interview with the Vampire," which Rice wrote while she was living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Rice says this will be a true follow up to the very popular "Queen of the Damned". 

Rice's last novel was "The Wolves of Midwinter,"  released last year. Anne owns a home in Rancho Mirage.