Keeping Christmas lawn decorations safe from Grinches

Decorations abused, stolen or worse

Keeping Christmas lawn decorations...

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - A viral video making the rounds last week included a Missouri man jumping out of a vehicle to stab a Frosty the snowman blow-up display outside someone's home.

While vandals purposely ruining a Christmas display is not a new cocnept, it is a continuing frustration for people who spend time and money to spread holiday cheer. Police say there is not much they can do about it, however there are steps you can take to make your holiday decor less susceptible.

Bill Parrish has lived on Minerva Road otherwise known as Candy Cane Lane, in Cathedral City for seven years. He said he has had decorations cracked, cords go missing and even worse over the years.

"What normally happens is kids come by and I've had blow up Santas where they have a razor blade and just slice them up and then just leave them there," Parrish told CBS Local 2 and KESQ News Channel 3's Katie Widner. "It's always something. It's unfortunate. It seems to be getting a little bit worse."

The Cathedral City Police Department said it is usually not anything sinister, just kids who are up to no good.

"A lot of times it's kids who are just trying to be funny or get attention from their friends," said Lt. Glen Haas. "Christmas lights have to be seen in the dark, and a lot of times that gives anonymity."

Haas says there are steps homeowners can take, such as paying attention and being prepared, to prevent becoming victims.

"The most important thing is neighbors looking out for neighbors, and doing some common-sense things like staking down or locking certain things that have any value," he added.

Other tips include:

  • Securing lights and decorations with zip ties or chains
  • Moving displays closer to the home and away from the street
  • Turning lights and displays off when you go to sleep
  • Installing motion censored lighs or video cameras outside

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