Issues remain at site of Palm Springs fire

Palm Springs, Calif. - A normally quiet Palm Springs neighborhood was buzzing with activity Wednesday, with utilities workers trying to restore gas and electricity to residents. They were also investigating how a series of explosions happened in the Sunrise Villas Tuesday afternoon, the first one reported around 1 p.m. 

"About 3 o'clock, another explosion," Sunrise Villas resident Andy Crocchiolo said.  "And our house started to burn."

Crocchiolo's home took the worst of the damage on St. Thomas Circle. There's a large hole in his roof, and you can see through his front wall by the electrical panel where there are burn marks.

"A lot of flames and smoke. It was an electrical fire," Crocchiolo said.

Three other homes also had fire damage, and one home had a gas line break.

Crocchiolo also heard the earlier explosion Tuesday that knocked out power one street down from him on St. George.

"They were loud, but quick, and you couldn't tell where it came from," Crocchiolo said.

Seventeen customers remain without electricity, and some don't have gas service either.

"The power is off, and he doesn't know when they're going to have it back," St. Thomas Circle resident, Ralph Thornton said. "They're working on it."

So Cal Edison says its investigating the root cause of the fire. The Gas Company is looking into it as well.

"They have no idea," Crocchiolo said. "That's what Edison is here for. They're looking all over the place."

A So Cal Edison Spokesperson says they'll have a crew working around the clock for a few days. They hope to have power restored Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Crocchiolo says he expects his insurance to cover the cost of repairs to his home.

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