In the Line of Duty

Palm Springs police chief reflects on shooting of Vega & Zerebny

PSPD Chief Bryan Reyes reflects on shoot

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - We're approaching the anniversary of the killings of Palm Springs police officers Gil Vega and Lesley Zerebny, Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm, we will bring you a 30-minute special report on that tragic day, "In the Line of Duty, One Year Later".

CBS Local 2's Kris Long spoke with Palm Springs police chief Bryan Reyes, how other members of his 100 person department were impacted by October 8, 2016. Below is an excert of a part of the interview.

Kris Long- The officer who was wounded, how is he doing, is he back on duty?

Chief Bryan Reyes- He's back on duty, he is doing quite well. 

Long- So clearly different officers handle something like this in different ways?

Reyes- There is a wide variety of variables they can experience on the job. You can't really something as to who returns and who does not return to duty.  

Long- Were all protocols, all procedures followed that day?

Reyes- As it relates to what?

Long - As it relates to going up to that house, having the right personnel, right procedures, I am sure there was an investigation.

Reyes- Not only was I happy, I was extremely proud. The way they positioned cars, they found themselves in a very nasty firefight, a firefight that a movie could be written about.

Tune in "In the Line of Duty, One Year Later" Wednesday at 7:00 pm for the full interviews and more stories, as we look back on the anniversary of the killings of Vega and Zerebny.

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