Hundreds flock to get a glimpse of Air Force One

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Palm Springs, Calif. - The President's visit makes for a historic weekend for Coachella Valley residents.  They might not get to see him in person, but for many, they are getting closer than ever. 

It is the neatest thing for people to get as close to Air Force One as we are right now and that's exactly what they did all day Saturday.  Before President Obama takes flight to leave our valley, many are coming to Palm Springs to catch a glimpse of the plane he flew in on.

It's not everyday the President of the United States flies into Palm Springs, but it is President Barack Obama's second trip here in 8 months -- and locals want to be a part of it.  People young and old, made the trek to get as up close and personal with Air Force One as possible. "It's special and nice," says Simeon Talley.  I asked him who rides in the plane, and he promptly answered "the President."

Folks are pulling out their best equipment and their cell phones, all to capture this piece of history. "Last time when he was here I didn't get a chance to come," says Avisinia Rodriguez.  " I had to come take a picture. It's very exciting."

A memorable family event for hundreds who came to witness the "flying white house" simply sitting at the Palm Springs International Airport, which is good news for the Coachella Valley.   "It's good for the economy and I think it's just a special thing we have him here in Palm Springs," says Desert Hot Springs resident Maggie Diego Stewart. 

If you missed seeing Air Force One on Saturday, don't worry, it will be here through Monday. 

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