Humana Challenge takes over Farmer's Market in La Quinta

Humana Challenge takes over Farmer's Market in La Quinta

LA QUINTA, Calif. - The valley continues to gear up for the Humana Challenge PGA Tournament.  Today the focus was on fresh food, Humana sponsored the Certified Farmer's Market in Old Town La Quinta.

"Today what's the other big part of health? It's a good diet," said Jim Turner, spokesman for the Humana Challenge 

The market encourages people to make tasty and active strides toward a healthier lifestyle. 

"There's tons going on. Michael Vaughn from the La Quinta Resort is cooking all day showing people to how to cook stuff from the market," said Paul Palodichuk, manager of the Certified Farmer's Market.  

From live cooking demonstrations to biometric screenings and plenty of fresh produce, the goal is to let people know staying fit isn't just about the calories you burn.

"Junk going in, junk going out. Good stuff going in, nutrients build up your body. That's why Humana is pushing good food as much as good exercise," Palodichuk said.

The farmer's market also offered fresh fruit smoothies, but there was a catch: you had to make them yourself. 

"Everywhere we take those they're a hit, because you get on the bike and 15 seconds you have your own smoothie and it was powered by you," Turner said.

Out-of-towner Leslie Lindeman enjoyed her smoothie cycle and said she's impressed by how many people came out and embraced Humana's challenge for a healthier community.  

"It can be nothing but good to raise awareness of exercising and eating healthy, and I think it's terrific it's become a community interest," she said.

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