Facebook is a place for 'likes', but what about for love?

"It creates unnecessary drama in people's lives for the most part," Mark Willey said. 

He actually got off Facebook two years ago.

"I either call it Baby Book or Drama Book. It fits one of those two needs. If you want drama in your life go on Facebook. If you want to share baby pictures," he said. 

It started causing problems with his relationship.

"It without question causes problems when you date someone new. Those girlfriends from your past that you might be civil with almost always have issues with it," he said. 

I sat down with Certified Social Media Strategist, Barbara Pender, to find out exactly how "The Book" can lead to break-ups.

"You have to have trust nowadays even more than before," Pender said. 

Pender found five ways social media sabotages your social life. 

1. The Groundhog Day Affect.

"We all remember that Bill Murray movie how that day ends up looping into one. Imagine if you just get on Facebook for a minute to see what's going on, then your chat box opens up and you start chatting and that 15 minute break takes your entire lunch," Pender said. 

2. The Congressman Weiner Affect

"Everybody remembers that, right? Inappropriate sexting on message apps. What we show each other these days, oh my gosh it is unbelievable," she said. 

3. The Lindsey Lohan Affect

"The inappropriate images and photos," Pender said. 

4. The Alec Baldwin Affect

"Alec Baldwin was on the plane, wouldn't get off from playing Words With Friends because he wasn't done," she said. 

In a relationship, this pertains to having phone in hand  at the wrong time - a conversation, a dinner, a drive. 

5. The TMZ Affect

"When you send something through any platform you may have control over your personal time feed, but once it's out there, it's out there," Pender said. 

Pender said if you fall victim to any of the above - social media can turn a romantic relationship sour in the click of a mouse. 

"Even before social media was involved we needed to trust our mates before then and even more so now that we don't know what he or she is saying with the famous thumb move, what this young lady means by what she posted on our partner's page or vice versa," she said. 

Weirdness aside, Facebook has its pros. Barbara and I agreed it's hard to not get caught up in the fun of posting pictures --  it's scrapbooking of the 21st century!

Barbara says relationships in the public eye take trust, perhaps some blocking of people disrespecting your relationship status, and knowing there's a time and place for your phone.

"You don't want to take the natural fun out of it. It is the break we need lets give it that credit, just be mindful of what we do, when we do it, and why we do it," Pender said.