High winds make for dangerous driving conditions

Strong winds make for dangerous driving conditions

Strong winds passed through the valley Monday night. Drivers faced ough conditions on Interstate 10 with blowing dust and sand.  

"It's too windy, too treacherous. It's just safer to stay off the roads, off the freeways," one driver said.

Corral is not taking any chances with the gusty conditions. He's staying the night at a local gas station and he's not alone.

"We decided to stop, it's too windy. We can't drive like this," said Aaron Corral, a driver from Palm Springs.

Corral drives a big rig. He's scheduled to be in Pheonix by 2 a.m. His company's safety manager monitoring the winds and putting a halt on the delivery. 

"They sent us a message and we responded to them, it's true, it's too windy right now. So they told us to stop because we can't drive in these conditions," Corral said.

A safe call to make when driving high profile vehicles. Earlier in the day, a Frito-Lays truck rolled over on its side, luckily no one was injured.

Those leaving town after Coachella were happy the wind wasn't like this over the weekend.

"Great weekend. Good thing, it wasn't today. They probably would've canceled it," said John Ebannon, a driver from Chicago. "I've never seen anything like this. I don't know if it's normal for you guys but this is intense."

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