High temperatures affecting local workers outside

High temperatures affecting local...

COACHELLA VALLEY, Calif. - Some local workers are coping with temperatures well beyond 100 degrees as they continue their day outside. All of them have taken precautions to make sure they stay safe during excessive heat.


The buzz of tools are audible as workers continue to install piping at the intersection of Bob Hope and Ramon in Rancho Mirage. While they are hard at work, the desert heat isn't letting up.

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"You got to pace yourself," Vince Davadson, a foreman for Weka Inc., said. "You can't go out there and charge hard like is 75-degree weather. More or less than when it's 120. The experienced guys know it can really hurt you."

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He's making sure his workers are getting plenty of rest and shade as they work in line with federal OSHA regulations.
"We take care of our people," Davadson said. "That is number one. If a guy wants to take a break, he takes a break."

Farm workers in Coachella also had to deal with the hot weather as they picked crops. They said staying hydrated along with timely rest was key out in the fields.
"It's better for them to take a rest for 15 minutes if they feel tired because something bad could happen to them in the field," Jose Rios, a farm worker, said. "You don't want nothing bad to happen so they can keep working."
The heat even affected an anti-gang operation Thursday in Desert Hot Springs. DHS Police said they and other law enforcement agencies were completely prepared to deal with the situation, especially when it resulted in a standoff.
"They were able to switch out officers to allow for the heat so having resources like 200 hundred officers in the city., that actually helps out, Deputy Chief Jim Henson said.
Davadson said the most important during this heat wave was for his construction workers to look out for each other.
"The safety is paramount," he said. "Production comes second after that. So our workers come first before production and that's just the way it is."

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