High school students protest possible teacher cuts

Protest involved school scheduling & graduation policies as well

THERMAL, Calif. - Hundreds of students protested at Desert Mirage High School on Tuesday due to a proposal to cut 20 teachers. The protest began early in the morning and continued until the end of the school day.

A parent of one student, who didn't want to be identified, called News Channel 3 and CBS Local 2 to say the school is neglecting their children's education. She said the qualified teachers are being let go and she was happy that her child was involved in Tuesday's protest.

A student also called our stations to highlight some of the reasons behind the protest.

  • Teacher cuts
  • Schedule changes next year
  • Not letting students speak in Spanish at graduation
  • Not letting Aztec dancers dance at graduation

The proposal to cut 20 teachers will be finalized during a vote from the C.V.U.S.D. board on Thursday night.

KESQ & CBS Local 2 will let you know the board's decision and we'll follow up with more information later in the week.

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