• Air rage tied to planes with first-class seating, study says

    Crowded flight, airline, airplane passengers

    iStock / mkurtbas

    What is it about air travel that brings out the worst in us?

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    By Carina Storrs Special to CNN
  • Martin Shkreli is heading back to court

    Martin Shkreli

    Martin Shkreli via CNN

    Martin Shkreli, the former pharmaceutical CEO famous for hiking up the price of a life-saving drug, is back in court.

  • Uber's services for the disabled lack actual cars

    Uber logo

    From Uber/CNN

    Sunday Parker, a 24-year-old who uses a power wheelchair to get around, can't catch an Uber in her Oakland, California, neighborhood where they typically show up within five minutes.

  • Belgium: Iodine pills for nuclear safety

    Iodine pills

    Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    As part of revising its nuclear emergency plan, the Belgian government says it will distribute iodine pills to more of its citizens in the event of a nuclear emergency, Health Ministry spokesperson Els Cleemput told CNN on Friday.

  • Mother of overdose victim: Heroin a 'death sentence'

    Syringe Needle Hypodermic Injection generic

    Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

    Last October, Molly Malone got a phone call that every parent dreads. Her son Patrick Hall had been found dead in a hotel room, victim of a heroin overdose. He was 29.

  • First U.S. Zika death reported in Puerto Rico

    Zika mosquitoes box


    A 70-year-old Puerto Rican man died from complications of the Zika virus in February, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Puerto Rico Department of Health announced Friday. This is the first time in the United States or territories...

  • Song helps autistic boy, mom cope with medical mystery

    Bryn Thomas

    Courtesy Millie Thomas

    One day in 2013, young Bryn Thomas suddenly became very sick. He was pale, anxious, shaking and pacing. For almost two years, his doctors and parents couldn't figure out what was happening to him. And even worse, Bryn was unable to tell them.

    Bryn, n...

  • Teen pregnancy rates plummet, CDC says


    The number of teenagers in the U.S. giving birth is at a low not seen since the early 1900s, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

  • South Korea unveils Zika-proof Olympic uniforms

    Olympic rings on flag, Olympics

    Getty Images

    The Rio Olympics are less than 100 days away and it seems South Korean athletes are taking no chances when it comes to the threat of contracting the Zika virus.

  • Zika test gets emergency approval by FDA

    Zika 4

    WGCL via CNN

    The first commercial test for Zika virus has received emergency use authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

  • NASA maps Zika's potential spread in the US

    Zika map


    NASA scientists have created a map to better target future search-and-destroy missions for the deadliest animal on the planet, the female Aedes aegypti mosquito.

  • Opioids and overdoses: 4 things to know

    Deaths linked to opioids are skyrocketing, and so is the number of Americans abusing the drugs, experts say.

    Christina Smolke/Stanford University

    Deaths linked to opioids are skyrocketing, and so is the number of Americans abusing the drugs, experts say.

  • China gets into genetic breakthrough business

    China currency flag


    The future of regenerative medicine may be in your toilet, according to cutting-edge research in China.

  • Phelps: 'I don't know if I'm an alcoholic'

    Michael Phelps, 2008 Olympics, 400-meter individual medley

    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    Michael Phelps, the most decorated athlete in Olympic history, has a checkered and well-publicized history with alcohol and drug use.

  • Can this app change schizophrenia treatment?

    Schizophrenia blurb image


    People with schizophrenia often say the disease is an isolating one. They can struggle to connect with loved ones or to find people who understand what they're dealing with.

  • Why don't we know yet what killed Prince?

    Prince with guitar

    Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    We might not know what killed pop superstar Prince for weeks or even months. And while forensic science-themed TV shows make it look quick and easy, and the technology has improved, modern death investigations take time.

  • Girl, 12, accidentally runs half marathon


    Einar Hansen/freeimages.com

    If the idea of running a half marathon -- 13.1 miles -- makes you want to run and hide, good news. It may not be as hard as it seems.

  • Transgender issues resonate across the US

    bathroom sign


    A flurry of policies affecting transgender people has swept the country in recent weeks, leading to widespread protests, economic losses and a growing debate about equality and privacy.

    Most recently, an Alabama city passed a law saying if people use ...

  • Mumps outbreak sickens 40 people at Harvard

    Harvard campus

    Joe Raedle / Getty Images

    Please stop infecting each other. That's the message Harvard University has for students after a mumps outbreak left 40 people sick over the past two months.

  • Mediterranean diet linked to lower risk of heart attack

    salmon fish fillets on grill

    suzie long/SXC

    The list of Mediterranean diet benefits is getting even longer. A new study found that a diet high in fruits, vegetables, fish and unrefined foods is linked to a lower risk of heart attack and stroke in people who have heart disease.

  • Wrestler Chyna donates brain to science

    Chyna 1

    By pinguino k/Commons

    Representatives for the wrestler and entertainer Chyna confirmed that her brain will be donated for research into the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy, known as CTE.

  • Data: Laundry packet poisonings increase in kids

    Laundry pods

    Mike Ahlers/CNN

    Children continue to eat a dangerously large number of laundry detergent packets, new data show.

  • Malaria Day: Funds dwindling after 'success'

    Ebola vaccine shot


    Bold U.N. targets to eradicate malaria are likely to be missed if governments continue to cut back aid budgets due to waning political commitment, according to a report in The Lancet.

  • Arsenic, rice and your baby's diet

    rice generic


    Ask any mom or dad to name their baby's first food. The likely answer? Rice cereal. What's a common go-to "healthy" snack for toddlers and kiddos? Rice cakes.

  • Bedbugs are drawn to certain colors, study finds


    Piotr Naskrecki/CDC via CNN

    The next time you're packing for a trip, you might want to reach for your brightest-colored luggage. It could help keep bedbugs away.

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