• Fight against Ebola is grossly underfunded

    Ebola outbreak, Sierra Leone

    Brent Swails/CNN

    The Ebola virus has already killed thousands in West Africa, an immeasurable loss for many families. As medical workers try to quell its spread, global organizations are calculating the economic impact of the disease.

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    By Patrick Gillespie
  • Sierra Leone ends 3-day Ebola lockdown

    Ebola outbreak, Sierra Leone

    Brent Swails/CNN

    Sierra Leone lifted Sunday a nationwide lockdown, which had been put in place to help stop the spread of Ebola.

  • Sierra Leone starts nationwide Ebola lockdown

    Ebola outbreak, Sierra Leone

    Brent Swails/CNN

    Sierra Leone started a three-day nationwide lockdown Friday in an effort to halt an Ebola outbreak that has left thousands dead in the region.

    Under the plan, no one is allowed to leave their homes for three days, allowing volunteers to go door-to-do...

  • NIH researcher becomes human guinea pig for Ebola vaccine

    Ebola virus


    Earlier this week, Brian Shepherd sat down in a small doctor's office in Bethesda, Maryland. A technician swabbed his arm and gave him a quick jab with a needle.

  • The longer you sleep, the weirder your dreams

    Woman sleep, sleeping

    iStock image

    Here's a roundup of five medical studies published this week that might give you new insights into your health. Remember, correlation is not causation -- so if a study finds a connection between two things, it doesn't mean that one causes the other.

  • 15 die after getting measles shots in Syria

    measles shot

    REUTERS/Erik De Castro

    A crying mother cradles and moves her dead baby to the floor, yelling out, "My child, my child." Outside, another woman shakes and gestures in a fit of absolute grief as she piercingly screams, "Pray to God and his prophet sister."

    Both women had bro...

  • Obama signs order to fight superbugs

    MRSA bacteria

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    The rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria could lead to a future full of untreatable infections, experts have warned us for years.

  • 8 killed in Guinea town amid Ebola fears

    Ebola virus pink


    They were traveling to raise awareness about the spread of the deadly Ebola virus. Instead, it seems, they encountered violence.

    The bodies of eight people have been discovered in southeastern Guinea, near the country's border with Liberia, a governm...

  • As open enrollment nears, ACA website still isn't totally safe

    Affordable Care Act website, health care website


    HealthCare.gov still isn't as safe as it should be, and the annual open enrollment period starts again in just two months.

  • 7 ways to boost your happiness


    Jon Reyes/CNN

    Americans will spend about $550 million on self-help books this year and more than $1 billion on motivational speakers. Obviously, many of us are on a quest for happiness.

  • VA hikes top pay for doctors by $20,000 to $35,000

    Phoenix VA Medical Center


    Doctors who passed on a career at the Department of Veterans Affairs because of pay will soon have a reason to give the agency a second look.

  • Ebola blood sold on black market

    Doctors ebola

    From Doctors Without Borders

    As hospitals in nations hardest hit by Ebola struggle to keep up, desperate patients are turning to the black market to buy blood from survivors of the virus, the World Health Organization warned.

  • Breast implant shortage in Venezuela

    breast implant


    A shortage of breast implants is making it difficult for Venezuelan women to surgically enhance their bust lines.

  • It's time to get your flu shot

    Flu shot, vaccine


    Flu season is about to begin: Get your flu shot now.

  • Migraines with aura linked to Parkinson's


    People who suffer from migraines with aura during middle age have double the risk of developing Parkinson's disease or other movement disorders later in life than those who do not, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Neurology.

  • Study: Schizophrenia is 8 diseases

    Schizophrenia blurb image


    What we know -- and psychiatrists have diagnosed for decades -- as schizophrenia may really be eight separate diseases, research published in The American Journal of Psychiatry suggests.

    Scientists at Washington University in St. Louis analyzed the D...

  • Enterovirus D68 in 19 states, Canada

    Sick child

    iStock image

    Enterovirus D68 is likely coming -- if it hasn't already -- to a state near you.

    Since mid-August, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had confirmed 153 cases of respiratory illness caused by Enterovirus D68 in 18 states: Alabama, Colorado...

  • Poll: One in four Americans worry about Ebola

    Ebola virus


    Roughly one in four Americans are worried that they or someone in their family will become a victim of the virus, according to a new survey.

  • Georgetown student dies of 'apparent meningitis'

    Bacterial meningitis sample

    REUTERS/Harrison McClary

    Andrea Jaime was a student in Georgetown University's School of Nursing and Health Sciences. Yet before she could graduate and help others, she became a patient herself.

    And on Tuesday, Jaime died from what the Washington school said was "apparent me...

  • 12 states confirm Enterovirus D68 cases

    Child sick fever

    iStock Image

    Since mid-August, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed more than 100 cases of Enterovirus D68 in 12 states: Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, New York and Oklahoma.

  • When pregnancy makes you violently ill

    Hannah and Jessica Jackson

    Courtesy Jessica Jackson

    "What, are you insane?" That seems to be the response I get most from friends and family members when I tell them that I'd like another child one day. They are typically shocked not because I'm pregnant with my second child but because they've watched me suffer through hyperemesis gravidarum during both of my pregnancies.

  • Obama: US ready to take lead in Ebola fight

    Obama CDC Ebola

    REUTERS/Larry Downing

    After an in-person briefing from the staff at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced a "major increase" in the U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

    The United States will ...

  • US ramping up Ebola effort

    Barack Obama July 2

    President Barack Obama embarks on a two-day U.S. road trip Tuesday to assess and amplify his government's response to two unconnected overseas emergencies -- the Ebola outbreak in Africa and Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

  • 4M fewer uninsured as Affordable Care Act kicks in

    Obamacare, health care reform signup

    The ranks of the uninsured plummeted in early 2014, as millions gained health insurance coverage through Obamacare, new government data released Tuesday found.

  • Measles at Seattle airport investigated



    Travelers who passed through the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport earlier this month may have been exposed to the highly contagious measles virus, local health officials say.

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