• Plus-sized model Ashley Graham is SI swimsuit model

    Ashley Graham

    Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Lane Bryant

    Last year Ashley Graham was in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. In an ad.

    This year the plus-sized model is one of the stars, a 2016 SI Swimsuit rookie.

    She's not the first model in the issue's history who is considered plus-sized, but her inclu...

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    By Steve Almasy CNN
  • Flint mayor: $55 million needed to replace pipes

    Flint pipes


    The mayor of Flint, Michigan, said Tuesday she needs $55 million to remove lead pipes in the city beleaguered by a toxic water crisis. She is asking that Gov. Rick Snyder partner with her to get the funds.

    "In order for Flint residents to once again ...

  • Photos reveal birth bags around the world

    Pregnancy, pregnant


    All over the world, a packed bag is a sign that a baby will soon arrive. Call it a birth bag, a maternity bag, a hospital bag -- it contains what a mother-to-be believes she needs, and perhaps a few goodies that will bring her comfort. But the place ...

  • Why Americans don't live as long as Europeans

    Elderly senior citizen's hand held by younger hand

    iStock/ tepic

    Americans die younger than people in other high-income countries, and drug poisonings, gun injuries and motor vehicle crashes are largely to blame, a study finds.

  • Hospital approved for HIV-positive organ transplants

    Johns Hopkins University

    It could mean the difference between life and death for more than 1,000 people in the United States each year.

    Doctors at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore have been given the okay to become the first hospital in the country to perform HIV-positiv...

  • How and when will we get to a Zika vaccine?

    Brazilian mother

    Mario Tama/Getty Images

    President Barack Obama is asking Congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funding that would in part fund an expedited effort to develop a Zika vaccine, but even with presidential power and funding, a vaccine could still be awhile.

  • Hugh Jackman treated again for skin cancer

    Hugh Jackman

    Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

    Actor Hugh Jackman has revealed yet another bout with skin cancer, warning fans to wear sunscreen to keep the common disease at bay.

  • Calming the teenage mind in the classroom

    Desks in classroom

    At the start of the school year at Marblehead High School in Massachusetts, students started moving their desks out of the way, grabbing a mat and laying down on the floor for guided meditation before French class. Lexxi Seay, a senior, was skeptical...

  • Lena Dunham to rest due to endometriosis

    Lena Dunham

    Tom Larson/CNN

    In a Facebook message, Lean Dunham, star and producer of the HBO series "Girls," told fans that she was going to be taking some time off to rest because of her endometriosis, a condition most common in women in their 30s and 40s.

    "It certainly can in...

  • Chipotle holds companywide meeting on food safety

    Chipotle counter

    From Chipotle

    Now that Chipotle's E. coli outbreak is officially over, the company temporarily shuttered all its restaurants in order to keep it that way.

  • All teens should be screened for depression, task force recommends

    Depressed anxious woman, depression


    All primary care doctors, including pediatricians and family physicians, should screen adolescents routinely for depression, new recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force said.

  • Clinton: 'No acceptable' level of lead for kids

    Hillary Clinton

    Darren McCollester/Getty Images

    Shortly before flying to Flint, Michigan, to see the damage from the lead water crisis there, Hillary Clinton told CNN Sunday that there is "no acceptable" amount of lead in water for kids.

  • 200 million women, girls genitally mutilated

    Practice occurs in at least 30 nations

    Graeme Robertson/Getty Images

    They covered her face and laid her down.

    What happened next, Agnes wishes no girl would ever experience.

    "They grabbed my legs and arms," she said. "They excised me. Blood was coming out."

    Her genitals had been mutilated.

    Agnes, now 14, underwent the p...

  • CDC issues safe-sex guidelines around Zika virus

    Brazilian mother

    Mario Tama/Getty Images

    Men exposed to the Zika virus and who have a pregnant partner should use a condom or abstain from sex until the baby is born, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised Friday in guidelines aimed at preventing sexual transmission of the v...

  • Zika virus won't ruin Brazil's Carnival

    Rio de Janeiro ready to celebrate Carnival

    Mario Tama/Getty Images

    The Zika virus isn't scaring away Brazil's Carnival revelers and the country's hotels are reporting higher bookings than last year. Over 1 million tourists are expected to come to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival.

  • Police shoot, kill Arizona woman with Asperger's

    Arizona woman with Asperger's killed

    KNXV via CNN

    Police in Mesa, Arizona, say they didn't know a 24-year-old, knife-wielding woman had Asperger's, a high-functioning variant of autism, when they shot and killed her Thursday

  • California doctor sentenced in overdose deaths

    Hsiu-Ying Lisa Tseng

    KCAL via CNN

    A Southern California doctor convicted of murder in connection with the overdose deaths of three of her patients was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison Friday by a judge in Los Angeles.

  • 5 things you need to know about Zika

    Zika mosquitos not for media gallery

    USDA via CNN

    A mosquito-borne virus is prompting worldwide concern because of an alarming connection to a neurological birth disorder and its rapid spread across the globe.

    World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan called it an "extraordinary event...

  • UK asks airlines to spray insecticide to fight Zika virus


    The British government has made a public request asking all airlines flying from Zika-affected areas to spray their planes with insecticide before coming back to the U.K.

  • 12.7 million Americans sign up for Affordable Care Act 3.0

    Adviser explains Affordable Care Act in February 2015

    Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    Some 12.7 million Americans signed up for the Affordable Care Act for 2016, according to new figures released Thursday.

  • 5 things to know about CTE

    MRI, X-ray, brain


    The list of football players with a brain disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, continues to grow. But what exactly is CTE? Here are five things you need to know:

    1. CTE isn't just about concussions

    A concussion is a brain injury th...

  • A text a day to keep the doctor away?



    Text messages could be the latest solution to the very old problem of getting patients with chronic diseases to take their medications.

  • New vaccines for HPV, meningitis recommended

    More than 79 million Americans infected

    Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    New vaccines for meningococcal type B and HPV and are among the updates to the immunization schedule published for children and adults.

  • CVS to sell heroin overdose antidote in 20 more states


    Ferre' Dolar/CNN

    CVS said it will stock the heroin overdose antidote Narcan in Ohio pharmacies next month, the first of 20 states where it plans to expand sales this year.

  • Zika virus could slam these travel hotspots


    Sanofi Pasteur/ CNN

    Popular tourist hotspots in the Americas are poised for trouble as the Zika virus threatens to scare away visitors.

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