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  • HIV outbreak in Indiana grows

    HIV test

    Wodicka/ullstein bild via Getty Images

    The number of new HIV infections in a rural Indiana county has grown, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The institute is working to control the "severe outbreak" spread among users of a prescription opioid called Opana.

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    By Jen Christensen CNN
  • Church potluck food tested after botulism outbreak

    Doctor's office, medical exam

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    Investigators are trying to pinpoint which dish served at an Ohio church potluck was behind a botulism outbreak that killed one person and may have sickened dozens more.

    Health officials will be testing 23 samples from Sunday's event at Cross Pointe F...

  • Diet Pepsi ditches aspartame for new sweetener

    Diet Pepsi

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    Diet Pepsi will soon have a new ingredient. But don't worry. It will still taste the same.

  • Jeni's Ice Cream recalls all products for listeria risk

    Jeni's ice cream

    Jamie K. White/CNN

    Another ice cream maker pulled all of its products off shelves and halted sales on Thursday because of a listeria risk.

    Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams said that it was recalling all of its ice creams, sorbets, and ice cream sandwiches and closing all of ...

  • Dr. Oz accuses critics of having conflict of interest

    Dr. Mehmet Oz

    Brad Barket/Getty Images

    Dr. Mehmet Oz's on-camera rebuttal to his critics is airing on local stations across the country Thursday, part of a public relations blitz that includes an essay in Time magazine and an interview on NBC's "Today" show.

    Oz, arguably America's best-kno...

  • Three yoga moves to improve your golf game


    People have long underestimated the athleticism necessary for golf. But over the last decade, with fit golfers like Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, and now Jordan Spieth all winning the Masters, the training perspective on golf is shifting. There's a partic...

  • Bird flu: OK for humans, for now

    Chickens generic

    Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

    The latest outbreak of bird flu -- the worst in the U.S. since the 1980s -- is not a likely threat to humans, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Judge OKs NFL concussion lawsuit settlement

    Buffalo quarterback concussion

    Donald Miralle/Getty Images

    A federal judge has given final approval to a class-action lawsuit settlement between the National Football League and thousands of former players, the league said.

    The agreement provides up to $5 million per retired player for serious medical conditi...

  • Deadly botulism outbreak after church potluck



    A 54-year-old woman has died and others are hospitalized after being poisoned with botulism at a church potluck dinner in central Ohio, health officials said Wednesday.

    Botulism is rarely fatal. Its symptoms typically begin within 36 hours of consumin...

  • New Orleans' smoking ban takes effect

    cigarettes in ash tray smoking

    Vivek Chugh/SXC

    Cigarettes have been put out across the bars of New Orleans. Cigars are welcome no more.

  • Dr. Oz 'will not be silenced'

    Dr Mehmet Oz

    Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

    Dr. Mehmet Oz says he "will not be silenced" by a group of 10 prominent doctors who are calling for him to resign from Columbia University.

    In a special episode of "The Dr. Oz Show" he taped on Tuesday, Oz — arguably America's best-known doctor — add...

  • Study: No link between MMR vaccine and autism

    Autism blurb


    The vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella doesn't bring an increased risk of autism, according to a new study of more than 95,000 children.

    The study, published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, is the latest piece of resear...

  • Mother loses appeal in turkey baster pregnancy case

    Pregnant mother

    Robert Boardwine's path to fatherhood was unconventional, but Virginia's appeals court said Tuesday he is legally entitled to be a part of his son's life.

    Boardwine's friend, Joyce Bruce, had used his sperm and a turkey baster to get pregnant. She tho...

  • Blue Bell: No layoffs

    Blue Bell recall empty freezers

    Jamie Squire/Getty Images

    Blue Bell Creameries hasn't laid off anyone in the past 100 years. And it won't happen now, even though the company is grappling with a massive recall that yanked every last Blue Bell ice cream container from store shelves.

  • Listeria: What is it, and what's the risk?

    Listeria CNN


    The recalls have hit every corner of the grocery store: Ice cream. Pizza. Apples. Hummus.

  • CDC: Blue Bell listeria outbreak dates to 2010

    Blue Bell ice cream recall

    From Blue Bell/FDA

    The listeria outbreak that prompted Blue Bell Creameries to recall their entire product line dates to 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

    After weeks of gradual recalls, the company recalled all its ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet a...

  • Homeopathic medicine under FDA scrutiny


    Scott Olson/Getty Images

    By some estimates, about a third of Americans use some form of alternative medicine, including homeopathic remedies because they find Western medicine inadequate.

  • Hospitals pack up in poor areas, move to wealthy ones

    Hospital room


    St. Elizabeth's Hospital has been a downtown bedrock of Belleville, Illinois, since 1875.

  • Kraft to remove fake coloring from mac and cheese

    Kraft macaroni and cheese

    Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    For years that bright yellow color of Kraft macaroni and cheese wasn't all-natural, but it's about to be..

  • 13 dead from mysterious ailment in Nigeria

    OTD April 7 - World Health Organization

    World Health Organization

    A mysterious affliction has killed as many as 18 people in southwestern Nigeria, leaving health officials scrambling to determine its cause.

    The cases have all occurred in Nigeria's Ondo state since April 13, health officials said Sunday.

    Dr. Dayo Adey...

  • Hospitalizations linked to synthetic weed

    Synthetic cannabis

    Jason Oxenham/Getty Images

    New York state authorities have issued a health alert following a dramatic spike in hospital visits for synthetic marijuana-related emergencies. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday that more than 160 patients in nine days have been rushed to hospitals.

  • Officials: California measles outbreak over

    Measles vaccine

    Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    A measles outbreak that affected more than 130 Californians since December is over, the California Department of Public Health declared Friday.

    It has been 42 days since the last known case of B3 strain of measles, the equivalent of two successive inc...

  • Dr. Oz plans episode to rebut claim of 'quack treatments'

    Dr. Mehmet Oz

    Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

    Dr. Mehmet Oz is preparing a special episode of his daytime talk show to address criticisms by doctors who claim he promotes "quack treatments."

    Ten physicians recently wrote to Columbia University challenging Oz's position as a faculty member at the university's college of physicians and surgeons.

  • E-cig use triples among teens

    electronic cigarette smoking

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Use of e-cigarettes among high school-aged children has tripled in the last year alone, according to a Center for Tobacco Products survey.

  • 'Snoring sickness' leaves you gasping for air

    sleep tips

    Glenn Keller remembers the first time he realized something was wrong. Doctors surrounded his bed after a routine surgery on his wrist, asking him questions about dizziness, shortness of breath, and being lightheaded.

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