2 cases of people being hit by cars

Cathedral City Police are handling 2 cases of people being hit by cars on Ramon Road Wednesday night.  Both cases are now being called hit and runs.


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  • Ebola: Nurse to leave isolation

    Amber Vinson at Emory Hospital

    Family of Amber Vinson

    With multiple developments underway, here's the latest on the Ebola outbreak:

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    By Saeed Ahmed CNN
  • Cell transplant sees paralyzed man walk again

    Islet cell transplantation

    Courtesy Dr. Andrew Posselt/UCSF

    A ground-breaking cell transplant has allowed a paralyzed man to walk again, researchers announced Tuesday.

  • Obama calls, thanks Dallas hospital workers

    Obama on the phone with Putin

    Pete Souza/The White House

    President Barack Obama on Wednesday thanked health care workers at the hospital in Dallas where a patient died of Ebola and two nurses became infected with the virus earlier this month.

  • Day one for Ebola czar

    Ron Klain


    The seasoned Democratic operative President Barack Obama tapped last week to head his administration's Ebola fight got to work on Wednesday, though Ron Klain's new job is expected to unfold out of public sight.

  • This curable disease killed 1.5 million

    TB, tuberculosis

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Thousands have died in the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and much of the global conversation has centered on the lack of an approved medication to treat the deadly disease. Yet in 2013, 1.5 million people died from another infectious disease that has a cure.

  • Travelers from Ebola-affected countries to be monitored

    Ebola virus in black and white

    Centers for Disease Control

    President Obama is cautiously optimistic. Both Texas nurses are getting better. Texas Health Presbyterian admits fault. A hospitalized cameraman is Ebola-free. And the U.S. Ebola czar starts his new job.

    With multiple developments underway, here's th...

  • That sweet drink may make you age faster

    Soda pop

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages may make certain cells in your body age faster, a new study suggests.

  • Hospital 'fell short' with Ebola patient

    Texas Health Presbyterian, Ebola

    Mike Stone/Reuters

    Texas Presbyterian Hospital "fell short" several times in treating Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, starting by not asking the right questions in the emergency room, said the hospital's chief clinical officer, Dr. Daniel Varga.

  • W. Africa travelers restricted to 5 US airports

    JFK airport Ebola screening

    U.S. Customs & Border Protection

    All travelers flying into the United States from the West African countries most impacted by the Ebola virus can only enter the U.S. through five airports, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced Tuesday.

  • Journalist free of Ebola, can leave hospital

    WHO, World Health Organization headquarters

    Denis Balibouse/Reuters

    Freelance cameraman Ashoka Mukpo no longer has the Ebola virus in his bloodstream and will be allowed to leave Nebraska Medical Center, the hospital said Tuesday.

    "Just got my results," Mukpo tweeted. "3 consecutive days negative. Ebola free and feeli...

  • 3 Ebola-infected travelers might fly monthly

    Passengers in cabin in Kenya

    REUTERS/Noor Khamis

    Up to three Ebola-infected travelers might board an international flight each month in West Africa, according to a new study, and potentially spread the deadly virus to other countries.

    Scientists used a model to predict that, on average, three people...

  • Ebola monitoring period over for 43 Texans

    US soldiers train for Ebola

    REUTERS/Harrison McClary

    Under fire in the wake of Ebola cases involving two nurses, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued updated Ebola guidelines Monday, focusing on better protecting health care workers.

    "Even one health care worker infection is one too man...

  • Ebola in the West: Why some survive, some die

    Nancy Writebol, Ebola patient arrives in Atlanta

    Marcus Stanley/CNN iReporter

    There's no cure for Ebola. So why have some patients walked away healthy while others in the West died?

  • Ebola makes stigmatized, abandoned orphans

    Child with Ebola, orphan

    Christopher Black/WHO/Handout via Reuters

    Two children orphaned by Ebola play in the empty corner of a Liberian orphanage. Their parents died last month, and none of the extended family is willing to claim them.

  • Ebola fears throw bridal shop owners' lives into chaos

    Coming Attractions Bridal Shop cleaning crew

    Courtesy Don and Anna Younker

    An Ohio bridal shop is dark, the owners say, mainly thanks to Ebola hysteria.

  • 50 pounds lost for 50-year reunion

    Carol Highsmith

    Carol H. Highsmith/CNN iReport

    Carol Highsmith vowed to lose 50 pounds so she could fit into a 50-year-old dress from high school. Determined to stun all her old classmates, Highsmith saw her invitation to Minnehaha Academy's 50th reunion as the catalyst to spark a lifestyle change.

  • Spanish nurse's aide now Ebola-free

    Maria Teresa Romero


    Teresa Romero Ramos, a Spanish nurse's aide who had contracted Ebola after caring for a patient with the deadly disease, is now free of the virus, Spain's Special Ebola Committee said Sunday.

    "Today I'm very happy, because it can be said that Teresa ...

  • Military preps team for Ebola response in US, officials say

    Texas Health Presbyterian, Ebola

    Benjamin Ramirez/KDAF

    For nearly 20 days, Louise Troh has had to endure tremendous fear, grief and isolation.

    When told of the death of her fiancee, Thomas Eric Duncan -- the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States -- she fell to the ground.

    The man giving he...

  • Family of Ebola victim Duncan holds service

    Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

    Benjamin Ramirez/KDAF

    As questions continue to swirl about how to deal with the ever-growing fears of Ebola, relatives of the first person to be diagnosed with the deadly virus in the United States gathered to grieve Saturday.

    Wiping tears from their eyes, family and frie...

  • WHO to review Ebola response amid criticism

    Ebola health care workers China


    The World Health Organization vowed Saturday to make public a full review of its response to the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa once the crisis is under control.

    But the United Nations health agency, which is among those leading the battle again...

  • GOP slams Klain pick as Ebola czar

    Ron Klain


    Republicans who pressed President Barack Obama for a more coordinated federal response to the Ebola outbreak are blasting the appointment of Ron Klain, a veteran Democratic political aide, as the "Ebola czar."

  • Slow, steady may not win the weight-loss race

    feet on diet scale weight loss

    iStock / MartiSaiz

    Here's a roundup of five medical studies published this week that might give you new insights into your health. Remember, correlation is not causation -- so if a study finds a connection between two things, it doesn't mean that one causes the other.

  • Ebola commentary desperately needs clarification

    Rand Paul in SC


    The U.S. experience with Ebola is generating commentary that is both prudent and outrageous.

    There have been only three cases of Ebola occurring on U.S. soil, one ending fatally and the other two now under treatment.

    While health officials provide sobe...

  • What's more contagious than Ebola? Anxiety

    Ambulance Ebola patient arrives in Atlanta

    Tristan Smith/CNN

    Kisha Bell walks into the Neighborhood Medical Center in Dallas complaining of abdominal pain. But she has a much more pressing concern weighing on her mind.

    "Ebola -- can you tell me, I guess, as far as like the symptoms?" she asks the doctor.


  • Who is Amber Vinson?

    Amber Vinson 2

    Lawrence Vinson/Family Spokesperson

    Over the weekend, Amber Vinson was in Ohio to plan her wedding. Now, the 29-year-old nurse is hospitalized in Atlanta, fighting the Ebola virus.

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