Heat Advisories and Excessive Heat Warnings in effect for the Coachella Valley area

A large ridge of high pressure will keep high temperatures 5-10 degrees above average through Friday, with highs over 111 likely in the low deserts.

  • CDC lab chief resigns after anthrax incident

    CDC file

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    The head of the bioterrorism lab involved in potentially exposing dozens of workers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to deadly anthrax bacteria has resigned.

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    By CNN Staff
  • Avoid the rush! Some ERs are taking appointments

    Some ERs taking appointments

    Anna Gorman/Kaiser Health News

    In an era of increased competition driven by the nation's health law, hospitals around the country are hoping online ER appointments will help attract patients anxious to avoid long waits in a crowded and often chaotic environment.

  • 5 myths about the sudden urge to 'go'

    Doctor's office

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    Even though urinary incontinence affects about 25 million Americans and there are many treatment options to improve symptoms, talking about the often unexpected and always urgent need "to go" is still taboo, even with your doctor.

  • Spanking the gray matter out of our kids

    Child's eyes


    How to discipline the next generation is a hotly debated topic. In 2012, a national survey showed more than half of women and three-quarters of men in the United States believe a child sometimes needs a "good hard spanking."

  • CNN poll: Is Obamacare working?

    Affordable Care Act website, health care website


    More than half the public says the Affordable care Act has helped either their families or others across the country, although less than one in five Americans say they have personally benefited from the health care law, according to a new national poll.

  • White House revises contraception opt out

    Battle over birth control

    The Obama administration announced revisions to the Obamacare contraception mandate so that nonprofit religious organizations can opt out of signing a release form to avoid covering birth control and workers for those nonprofits are able to obtain separate contraception coverage without a copay.

  • Split decisions on ACA: The impact on 4.7M Americans

    Affordable Care Act website

    Brian Snyder/Reuters

    Two opposing court rulings issued Tuesday sowed confusion about whether 4.7 million Americans can keep their health care subsidies.

  • 'XL Love': How fat is affecting our sex lives

    XL Love How the Obesity Crisis is Complicating America's Love Life

    Rodale Books

    When it comes to what she deems the American "obesity crisis," Sarah Varney says, it's easy enough to focus on the raw numbers: Sixty-nine percent of Americans are overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and 35.1 percent of those people are obese. In 2008, medical care costs related to obesity were as high as $147 billion, and an obese person's annual medical bill…

  • China scare snares Burger King, Papa John's

    Burger King

    Sara Bonisteel/CNN

    Burger King and Papa John's joined the list of companies caught up in a Chinese food scandal that has spread to Japan.

    On Monday, local regulators suspended the operations of Shanghai Husi Food, a subsidiary of Illinois-based OSI Group, and ordered a...

  • MERS may be airborne, scientists say

    MERS CoV virus


    The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, better known as MERS, may be an airborne virus, according to an observation paper published Tuesday in the journal mBio.

  • Fruit recall at Walmart, Costco


    Rich Brooks/CNN

    If you've picked up fruit at Costco, Trader Joe's, Kroger or Walmart stores recently, this may affect you.

    Wawona Packing Co. is voluntarily recalling peaches, nectarines, plums and pluots that were packed at its Cutler, California, warehouses betwee...

  • Appeals courts differ on health care


    Mike Segar/Reuters

    It was a tale of two rulings -- the best of times and the worst of times for Obamacare in the federal appeals courts.

  • 7 things to know about epilepsy

    health, stethoscope


    An estimated 2.3 million adults in the United States have epilepsy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Actress Sky McCole Bartusiak, who passed away Saturday, was one of them.

    Bartusiak's mother said her daughter had suffere...

  • 'Marathon' style helped her lose 100 pounds

    Nicole Durham

    Nicole Durham/iReport

    Like so many people, Nicole Durham was tired of being overweight. No one bullied her, and she didn't have a health scare. She was just sick of looking and feeling bad.

  • Firefighter obesity a big problem

    California wind storms, fire, firefighters

    REUTERS/John Cetrino

    The need for firefighters to be fit seems obvious: A fire ax weighs around 20 pounds, and an oxygen tank can be up to 50. Throw in the big boots, jacket, unruly fire hoses and challenging emergencies, and you'd expect most firefighters to be in peak ...

  • Jury awards $23.6 billion in smoking lawsuit

    RJ Reynolds HQ

    REUTERS/Chris Keane

    A Florida jury awarded a widow $23.6 billion in punitive damages in her lawsuit against tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, her lawyer said.

    Cynthia Robinson claimed that smoking killed her husband, Michael Johnson, in 1996. She argued R.J. ...

  • Is drinking with your kids a good idea?

    Whiskey, bourbon

    iStockPhoto / peepo

    On this the 30th anniversary of the national drinking age being raised to 21, I'm asking myself the following question: Am I better off never letting my girls drink around me, at home or at family celebrations, until they reach the legal drinking age or does it make drinking less taboo and alluring if I let them start drinking at home, maybe with sips of wine and beer, during their teenage years?

  • Drugmaker in $54.7 billion merger aimed at cutting U.S. taxes

    pills from brown jar


    Drugmaker AbbVie announced an agreement on a $54.7 billion merger with Britain's Shire designed to slash AbbVie's tax bill by moving its legal home out of the United States.

  • CDC lab problems have ripple effect

    CDC file

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    The lab mishaps at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are having "broad impacts," compromising care for patients with diseases like tuberculosis and chikungunya and potentially slowing work overseas on Ebola and MERS, according to a CDC o...

  • 5 things you didn't know about Alzheimer's

    Elderly Chinese woman senior nursing home

    Carlos Barria/Reuters

    Approximately 44 million people live with dementia worldwide, according to the Alzheimer's Association. By 2050, that number is expected to more than triple to 115 million.

  • Veterans waiting longer for cancer care, researchers say

    Cancer definition


    Sgt. Terry Mitchell withstood fire deep in the mountains of Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange. He survived that grisly war, but now, four decades later, his wife believes his life was cut short by delays in care at the Veterans Administration.

  • Debilitating chikungunya reported in US

    Man suffering from Chikungunya

    REUTERS/Marie Arago

    Chikungunya -- a tropical disease with a funny name that packs a wallop like having your bones crushed -- has finally taken up residence in the United States.

  • Should the US lower its drinking age?

    two pints of Guinness stout beer on bar

    iStock / Hofmeester

    As the U.S. marks Thursday's anniversary of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, some still dare to ask an unpopular question: Would America be better served by reducing its drinking age -- or at least encouraging states to set their own limits?

  • Babies want to speak as early as 7 months

    Baby playing with toys


    Babies usually start speaking by their first birthday. But new research suggests talking to your baby stimulates his brain well before he utters those first words.

  • CDC director: 'It never should have happened'

    CDC Director Tom Frieden


    The American public trusts the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to handle dangerous biological materials, but recent incidents have put a damper on the agency's reputation, members of Congress said Wednesday.

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