Wind Advisories and Winter Weather Advisories issued for the desert and mountain areas

The first cold storm system of the season will bring strong and gusty winds to the mountains and deserts around Southern California. Rain and snow will be possible as well.

  • Judge rejects Ebola quarantine for Maine nurse

    Kaci Hickox


    A Maine judge on Friday ruled in favor of a nurse who defied a quarantine in a tense standoff with state authorities, saying local health officials failed to prove the need for a stricter order enforcing an Ebola quarantine.

    District Court Chief Judg...

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    By Ray Sanchez, Catherine E. Shoichet and Faith Karimi CNN
  • Canada bans travelers from Ebola hot spots

    Ebola victim Dr

    From Samaritan's Purse

    Canada will stop processing visa applications from foreign nationals who have visited West African nations with large outbreaks of the Ebola virus, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said Friday.

  • Unmasking a new trend: Stylish smog masks

    Smog masks, China

    Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters

    High fashion isn't often inspired by environmental hazards, but as air pollution levels soared in Beijing on Tuesday, models at China Fashion Week walked the runway wearing designer respiratory face masks.

  • Ariz. triplets await brain surgery

    Arizona triplets brain surgery


    For most toddlers play time takes up much of the day. But since birth triplets Izabelle, Edith and Adlette Ramirez have come accustomed to a much busier schedule.

  • Nurse Nina Pham to meet her beloved dog

    Bentley, Nina Pham's dog

    City of Dallas

    When Dallas nurse Nina Pham left hospital after treatment for Ebola last week, all she wanted to do was hug her dog. She'll get a chance to do that Saturday, when she's reunited with Bentley, her beloved King Charles Spaniel.

  • Maine: No deal with nurse in Ebola dispute

    Kaci Hickox goes on bike ride


    In the tense standoff between a Maine nurse and state officials, it was a surreal scene.

    Nurse Kaci Hickox, who recently returned to the United States after treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, went on a bike ride with her boyfriend Thursday -- fo...

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome is real, study says

    Woman sleep, sleeping

    iStock image

    People with chronic fatigue syndrome are exhausted, no matter how much rest they get, for more than six months at a time.

  • Clif Bar pays workers to exercise 2.5 hours a week

    Clif Bar CEO Kevin Cleary

    Clif Bar and Company

    Would you work out more if your company paid you to do it? One firm in California does just that.

  • Nurse refuses Ebola quarantine

    Kaci Hickox

    Not long ago, Kaci Hickox was fighting Ebola in West Africa, doing what she could to treat those with the deadly disease. Now, she's in the middle of a different fight -- this time, in Maine.

  • Ebola: Patient zero was a toddler in Guinea

    Ebola Guinea docs

    From Doctors Without Borders

    Before the virus ravaged West Africa, before the deaths soared into the thousands, before the outbreak triggered global fears, Ebola struck a toddler named Emile Ouamouno.

    Virtually no one knew the 2-year-old by name. Now the world knows him as patie...

  • Mukpo: Ebola 'more intense than anything'

    Ashoko Mukpo

    Taylor Wilson/Nebraska Medical Center

    Ashoka Mukpo had seen the horrible things Ebola can do.

  • Brittany Maynard: Waiting for 'right time' to die

    Brittany Maynard

    Brittany Maynard says she hasn't decided yet when she'll end her life, but it's a decision she's still determined to make.

  • Nation torn on returning Ebola workers

    Kaci Hickox

    Courtesy Kaci Hickox

    Nurse Kaci Hickox says it's her right to roam outside her home, but leaders in Maine warn she could be a threat to public welfare.

  • Govt. says it won't admit Ebola patients

    Sierra Leone possible Ebola case


    The State Department discussed plans to transport non-U.S.citizens infected with Ebola to the United States for medical treatment, but decided to shelve the proposal and insists it was never considered at senior levels.

  • School bars girl over Ebola fears; suit filed

    Ebola virus pink


    The family of a third-grader in Connecticut has filed a lawsuit against Milford Public Schools, saying their daughter was banned from school for 21 days amid Ebola fears when she returned from a trip to Lagos, Nigeria, for a family wedding.

    The lawsui...

  • Boy with cancer dies after town celebrates holidays

    Utah boy cancer holidays


    A 4-year-old Utah boy lost his battle to leukemia Tuesday, but not before his family and community gave him the week of a lifetime.

  • 'Operation' game creator can't afford his own operation

    John Spinello

    Tim Walsh

    John Spinello created the game of "Operation" nearly 50 years ago. Since then, millions have attempted to remove small plastic body parts from Cavity Sam without lighting up his red nose and hearing that sweat-inducing BUZZ.

  • Lysol customers: Can it prevent the spread of Ebola?

    Ebola virus in black and white

    Centers for Disease Control

    Lysol says its phones are ringing off the hook. Customers want to know if its cleaning products are effective Ebola killers.

  • Hagel announces Ebola quarantine

    Chuck Hagel speaking

    Paul Courson/CNN

    A 21-day quarantine for all military personnel serving in Ebola stricken areas of West Africa was approved by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Wednesday.

    The quarantine was pushed for by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Hagel said.

    Initially the measure will ...

  • Christie on possible Ebola suit: 'Whatever'

    Chris Christie bridge scandal


    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a former U.S. attorney, said he had no qualms about a possible lawsuit from the recently quarantined nurse in his state.

    Campaigning Tuesday in Rhode Island for GOP gubernatorial nominee Allan Fung, the straight-talkin...

  • Why US Ebola patients are recovering faster

    Uganda hospital treating Ebola outbreak

    CNN Image

    For a disease that kills more than half of its victims abroad, Ebola in the United States is getting snuffed out at a remarkably fast rate.

  • Google searching for cancer cure

    Google logo on computer screen

    Robert Galbraith/Reuters

    Google is searching for a cancer cure.

  • Father: 2 sons attacked, called 'Ebola'

    Boys bullied over Ebola

    News 12

    Fears over Ebola have made the jump from pundits to the playground.

    On Friday, a group of students attacked two of their peers at I.S. 318 in the Bronx while yelling "Ebola" at the brothers who had recently returned from Senegal, the boys' father tol...

  • Ebola outbreak: Get up to speed

    Doctors Without Borders treating Ebola outbreak, Guinea

    From Doctors Without Borders

    The release of a Dallas nurses leaves only one Ebola patient still in the United States. Yet there's still a lot going on, in West Africa and beyond, related to the fight against the deadly virus.

    Here's some of the latest:



  • 'Grateful to be well': Nurse Amber Vinson Ebola-free

    Amber Vinson 4


    A nurse's release Tuesday from an Atlanta hospital leaves a single person in the United States now battling Ebola, though she and others -- including President Barack Obama -- stressed the fight against the deadly virus isn't over.

    "While this is a da...

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