• Ebola: Millions of doses of vaccines planned

    Ebola vaccine shot


    As the world reels from its deadliest Ebola outbreak, health experts are fast-tracking tests for various vaccines, and hope to have millions of experimental doses by next year.

    There is currently no cure or vaccine for Ebola, which continues to spread...

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    By Faith Karimi CNN
  • NYC's first Ebola patient: Where he's been

    Craig Spencer

    A doctor who recently returned from Guinea has tested positive for Ebola -- the first case of the deadly virus in New York City and the fourth diagnosed in the United States.

    Here is a timeline of Craig Spencer's movements since he got back from the ...

  • Officials: Doctor with Ebola had no symptoms until Thursday

    Craig Spencer Facebook photo


    One day after New York officials announced a Doctors Without Borders physician had tested positive for Ebola, another person who treated patients in West Africa developed a fever and was put in isolation at a northern New Jersey hospital.

    The second h...

  • First confirmed Ebola patient in Mali dies

    Ebola symptoms sign

    Josue Decavele/Reuters

    The first confirmed Ebola patient in Mali has died, according to state TV reports, citing government health officials.

  • Ebola outbreak: Get up to speed

    Nina Pham

    Sarah Strittmatter

    A doctor in New York City tests positive for Ebola. The European Union pledges more funds to fight the deadly virus. And a military response team begins training.

    With multiple developments under way, here's the latest on the Ebola outbreak:

    U.S. DEVE...

  • 'Fortunate and blessed': Nina Pham beats Ebola

    Nina Pham at press conference


    Nina Pham was the first person to catch Ebola on U.S. soil, and now, 13 days after testing positive, she has been declared free of the deadly disease.

    Her first order of business will be to hug her dog, Bentley, she said Friday.

    She invoked God and sci...

  • President Obama hugs Ebola-free nurse

    Obama hugs Nina Pham

    Larry Downing/Reuters

    Before Nina Pham headed back home to Dallas, Texas, she made one exciting final stop.

    The 26 year old nurse, who is now Ebola free, met with President Obama in the Oval Office this afternoon, where the president gave Pham a big hug.

    He wasn't the onl...

  • NY gov. on Ebola fears: I'll ride the subway today

    NY Gov Andrew Cuomo


    To quash what he described as "irrational fear," New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday he'll ride one of the three subway lines taken by the latest Ebola patient in the United States.

  • Texas man's Halloween decor inspired by Ebola

    Ebola Halloween display


    Ebola-themed Halloween decorations? That's the approach one Dallas-area man is taking.

  • Ebola fears prompt N. Korea to halt tourism

    North Korea

    North Korea is closing its borders to international tourists because of concerns about Ebola, tour agencies specializing in the country were told.

    Beijing-based Koryo Tours and Young Pioneers Tours issued statements Thursday saying they received news...

  • Rwanda reverses plan to screen US visitors

    Ebola virus


    Rwanda will not be screening U.S. visitors for Ebola after all.

  • NYC doctor tests positive for Ebola

    Mayor de Blasio Ebola news conference

    A Doctors Without Borders physician who recently returned to New York from West Africa has tested positive for the Ebola virus, becoming the first diagnosed case in the city, authorities said late Thursday.

  • Paul Allen pledges $100 million to fight Ebola

    Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

    Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

    Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder, has increased his commitment in the fight against Ebola to $100 million on Thursday.

  • Diet pill study promoted by Dr. Oz retracted


    Dr. Mehmet Oz has been under fire recently for promoting weight loss products on TV's "The Dr. Oz Show" that aren't backed by a lot of scientific evidence. Now a study supporting one of those products has been withdrawn by its lead researchers.

  • Maker of Camel cigarettes bans smoking in its offices

    Cigarette in hand, smoking

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    Joe Camel isn't going to be able to smoke at his desk any longer. Reynolds American, the nation's No. 2 tobacco company, will no longer let its employees smoke in most places at work starting next year.

  • Cell transplant sees paralyzed man walk again

    Islet cell transplantation

    Courtesy Dr. Andrew Posselt/UCSF

    A ground-breaking cell transplant has allowed a paralyzed man to walk again, researchers announced Tuesday.

  • Ebola: Nurse to leave isolation

    Amber Vinson at Emory Hospital

    Family of Amber Vinson

    A doctor in New York tests positive for Ebola. An infected nurse shows signs of improvement. And a military response team begins training.

    With multiple developments underway, here's the latest on the Ebola outbreak:


    Doctor tests posi...

  • Obama calls, thanks Dallas hospital workers

    Obama on the phone with Putin

    Pete Souza/The White House

    President Barack Obama on Wednesday thanked health care workers at the hospital in Dallas where a patient died of Ebola and two nurses became infected with the virus earlier this month.

  • Day one for Ebola czar

    Ron Klain


    The seasoned Democratic operative President Barack Obama tapped last week to head his administration's Ebola fight got to work on Wednesday, though Ron Klain's new job is expected to unfold out of public sight.

  • This curable disease killed 1.5 million

    TB, tuberculosis

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Thousands have died in the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and much of the global conversation has centered on the lack of an approved medication to treat the deadly disease. Yet in 2013, 1.5 million people died from another infectious disease that has a cure.

  • Travelers from Ebola-affected countries to be monitored

    Ebola virus in black and white

    Centers for Disease Control

    President Obama is cautiously optimistic. Both Texas nurses are getting better. Texas Health Presbyterian admits fault. A hospitalized cameraman is Ebola-free. And the U.S. Ebola czar starts his new job.

    With multiple developments underway, here's th...

  • That sweet drink may make you age faster

    Soda pop

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages may make certain cells in your body age faster, a new study suggests.

  • Hospital 'fell short' with Ebola patient

    Texas Health Presbyterian, Ebola

    Mike Stone/Reuters

    Texas Presbyterian Hospital "fell short" several times in treating Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, starting by not asking the right questions in the emergency room, said the hospital's chief clinical officer, Dr. Daniel Varga.

  • W. Africa travelers restricted to 5 US airports

    JFK airport Ebola screening

    U.S. Customs & Border Protection

    All travelers flying into the United States from the West African countries most impacted by the Ebola virus can only enter the U.S. through five airports, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced Tuesday.

  • Journalist free of Ebola, can leave hospital

    WHO, World Health Organization headquarters

    Denis Balibouse/Reuters

    Freelance cameraman Ashoka Mukpo no longer has the Ebola virus in his bloodstream and will be allowed to leave Nebraska Medical Center, the hospital said Tuesday.

    "Just got my results," Mukpo tweeted. "3 consecutive days negative. Ebola free and feeli...

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