Halloween safety tips for parents

Halloween safety tips

Halloween is always an exciting time for children but also a big stress on their parents. How can you be sure your children are safe?

“Make sure that you’re looking for cars, make sure you stop and see them and they see you too, make sure you’re going out in large groups there’s always safety in numbers,” said Sgt William Hutchinson of the Palm Springs Police Department. 

PSPD said traveling in large groups is the best way to be safe, in front of houses and even crossing the street.

“On Halloween more children, twice as many children are hit by cars on Halloween than any other night throughout the year,” said Mika Moulton, founder of Christopher's Clubhouse.

Christopher’s Clubhouse suggests parents stay with their children at all times and be selective about the houses that you go to.

“An average molester will molest between 100 and 150 times before they’re ever caught the first time, so never go into a house unless you have a trusted adult with you,” Moulton said.

Parents should also pay attention to their children’s candy as one wrong piece could turn a fun night into a nightmare.

“Every year we check candy to make sure because you never know whether it be in a good neighborhood or not, Moulton said. "You never know what can get into candy so make sure we check it right when we get home.” 

One of the most helpful apps for Halloween is already on your phone! Use the flashlight if light is limited or searching through your child’s bag. You can also download the find my friend's app to track your kids as they make the trick and treating rounds.

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