Gymnasts from across the world compete in Palm Springs


PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Gymnasts from across the country and world are competing in this weekend's Palm Springs Cup at the convention center. Each of these athletes hope to earn qualifying scores to participate in other USA Gymnastics’ Competitions.

This is the fourth year the competition has been held in Palm Springs. Organizers said the weekend event shines a spotlight on the valley.

"Families from all across the nation and state they're looking for things to do, places to eat, things to do after gymnastics. Maybe mom is looking for a massage and dad is going for a round of golf," said coordinator Erin Rodriguez.

Samantha Henry is 8 years old and excited to show the judges her tricks.

"I like beam and bars because on beam I'm really good at my handstands, and on bars I'm really good at my dismounts," Henry said. 

The competition continues through the weekend and finishes Sunday evening.

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