Gov. Brown Signs CA Bill Allowing Fido in Outdoor Restaurant Areas

Your Dog May Be Able to Tag Along for Dinner, Depending on Local Rules

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PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Your dog may be able to tag along the next time you go to a bar or restaurant. Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill allowing dogs to join their owners in outdoor seating areas, depending on local rules.

A pet-friendly city, walking along downtown Palm Springs, one may notice dog owners dining with their pets. At Lulu California Bistro, dogs are welcome in their outside patio area.

"The dogs are sometimes better behaved than the humans, said restaurant manager, Willie Rhine.

Other neighboring restaurants, including Zin American Bistro and Kaiser Grille, they say they do the same. But while they've allowed it for quite some time, technically, California law bans it.
That will soon change. Starting in January a new California bill signed into law will legally permit dogs to tag along.

"It's in black and white, there is no gray area anymore, there was a lot of confusion so this clears up the confusion," said Rhine.

The bill requires a separate entrance into the outdoor area. It also says pets are not allowed on chairs, seats, or benches.
They also have to be on a leash or pet carrier under control of the owner.
Owner of Palm Springs pet store 'Cold Nose Warm Heart,' Robert Brugeman is glad to hear of the change.

"I think people are into bringing in their pets with them wherever they go because it's their companion, it's the love of their life," he said.
Others however, have mixed-feelings about pets in places where they eat.

"I'm 50/50, because of a lot people being allergic to dogs and a lot of dogs shed hair, and I really don't like dog hair near my food," said visitor Manjit Palhey.

Employees also can't have contact with an animal, and pets can't be in the same area where food is prepared.
Restaurants will have the option to keep outdoor patios fido-free if they choose to.
Law goes into effectt January 1, 2015.

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