14-year-old Palm Desert native Charlie Reiter is no novice on the golf course. He's a scratch golfer and is beginning his quest to qualify for the US Open, but his Monday is one he won't soon forget.

     It was a normal day of practice until he walked away from them for just a moment to take a quick break only to find them missing and stolen. In a search for the lost clubs, his father Michael searched the internet, looking to see if the thief would try to sell them on Craigslist.

     During his search, Michael found a man from an antique mall in Palm Springs who buys and sells clubs, after a few phone calls the Reiter's tracked down the stolen clubs which were purchased by another local antiques dealer for 200 dollars on Craigslist.

     Charlie and his dad met up with the dealer and they were able to confirm the clubs were Charlie's and they're now back in his possession. Police say they're working to catch the thief  and we'll stay updated on the investigation.

     Charlie will compete in the local qualifier at Ironwood on May 13th, if he advances out of that qualifier it's on to the Lake Merced Golf Club and Olympic Club in the Bay Area on June 2nd for sectional qualifying.