Nearly 400 girls spent their day at the third annual Rae of Hope Retreat, held at the Renissance Indian Wells Resort. The retreat was led by women who work at KESQ News Channel 3 and  CBS Local 2. 

"I really noticed the way young girls look at me and my fellow newscasters and I believe that any time you have someone up on a pedestal you can be influenced by them, and I really wanted to harness that and do something positive with it. And I do think what we say to these girls really [does] resonate with these girls," said Bianca Rae, CEO and founder of the Bianca Rae Foundation.

The event featured four workshops: Bold and Beautiful, Fit and Fabulous, Leadership, and Building Your Dreams. CBS Local 2 producer, Sarah-Jayne Simon led the Bold and Beautiful workshop.

"It's a group about empowering yourself and loving yourself just the way you are. We talk about accepting yourself just the way you are. They made mirrors, they get their makeup done. They learn that inner beauty isn't just skin deep but inner beauty is what shines through," said Simon.

"I want them to learn the importance of being a good person, and only putting positive words and actions into the world, but on the other hand negative words and actions will be put on them so I want them to be strong, confident young ladies to be able to handle the negativity that we all experience in life," said Rae.