Friends & family gather for vigil to remember teenager killed by train 2 years ago

Family also mourns daughter murdered this year

Family mourns loss of 2 children

Friends and family of a teenager killed by a train two years ago today held a vigil to remember him Friday night.

James Wilson Jr. of Banning was 16-years-old when died crossing the railroad tracks on San Gorgonio Avenue near Banning High School. The teen's father said that Wilson was attempting to jump the tracks ahead of an oncoming train and his backpack got stuck.

Banning teen dies after being struck by train

Those that knew him said Wilson had a very good heart and was a very good baseball player.

WATCH: Candlelight vigil held for teen killed by train last year

"You know we just do it one day at a time. We comfort each other. We have gotten really close," said James Wilson Sr.

The vigil started at around 8 p.m. on the very same railroad track where Wilson died two years ago.

Tragedy struck this family a second time when their daughter, Jasmine Wilson, 21, was murdered at a gas station in Beaumont on March 4.

"As she sat in her truck she was shot by my nephew and my in laws," said Wilson Sr.

Four people have been arrested in connection with the murder.

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