Four men steal baby pit bull, shelter worries for dog's future

"This is a puppy, cutest thing. Gray white spot in the front, floppy ears."

Four men steal baby pit bull, shelter worries for dog's future

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - "This is a puppy cutest thing gray white spot in the front, floppy ears," Ginny Foat from the Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter said. 

That description of Bunny  and surveillance video is all the shelter has.

"We photograph all of our dogs but she was out of isolation for a couple hours we didn't even have the time to do that," Foat said. 

The dog is a female, seven-month-old micro-chipped grey pit bull with forward flopping ears, about 35 pounds. On august 22nd...  

"We saw the footage and this beautiful pit bull puppy was taken out of the shelter under the top of a man in the company of three other people," Foat added. 

The group was pretending to want to adopt. 

"We have him walking around the shelter pictures of the other three with him, his plaid shorts, a closeup of his face. That was given to the police department," Foat said. 

The shelter notified all local shelters and vets of the stolen dog.

"Those are desirable for those who breed pitbulls for fighting. Pit bulls are a wonderful dog. They get a bad reputation because there are people that breed them for fighting. Any dog can be bred for fighting," she said. 

Fear of the dog's future stings to the core for any animal lover. 

"Angst about what the life of this puppy will be, that's where our hearts are broken," Foat said. 

The Palm Springs Animal Shelter is asking the community to share the video and pictures on social media, the best chance to get Bunny back. 

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