Les Walgreen is great-grandson of the founder of Walgreens drug store. Until last week, he was president of the Saxony Real Estate Group when he resigned.  

He claims Martin Dolemo, the owner and CEO of Saxony, who claims to own $20 million worth of real estate in the Coachella Valley, promised to create thousands of jobs in the desert, but instead broke that promise. Walgreen said Dolemo also broke contracts and fired about 25 employees, including the vice president of marketing, Jim Mullin, CEO of JM Couture.

"He said he can't afford to hold onto them. He personally asked me to call my father and borrow $200,000 to make payroll. It's disgusting," said Mullin.

"If you're worth that much money, you don't have to ask friends and family for loans," said Walgreen. "Nothing ads up, the way he put 20 billboards up and a month ago added 10 more while firing other people."    

However, Dolemo said he fired seven people for fraudulent activity, not 25.

"The only people that got terminated were JM Couture employees," said Dolemo. "I broke no contracts whatsoever."

Walgreen and Mullin plan to take legal action against Dolemo. They met with an attorney Monday.