Festival-goers react to Beyonce's performance at Coachella

Coachella Festivalgoers React to Beyonce Performance KESQ 6PM

INDIO, Calif. - Fans are buzzing about Beyonce's performance at Coachella Saturday night. The singer had a reunion with her old group Destiny's Child and her husband Jay-Z made a cameo appearance. 

"'m still in shock," Elizabeth Njuguna, a festival-goer, said.

The singer headlined the second day of music and arts festival and electrified crowds with her performance.

"It's like a show in itself," Emily Gilbert of Sacramento, said. "Not even her singing just everything going on. Just all the dancers and everything." 

For some fans, the singer represents the embodiment of a strong female.

"She's a very strong woman and she wants women to be empowered and a lot of her songs are about that," Gilbert said.

Beyonce made history as being the first black woman to headline Coachella, making up for her canceled appearance last year giving birth to twins. It inspired one fan's heritage.

"Just being unapologetically black, a minority, a female, it just made me feel very empowered," Njuguna said.

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