Family continue search for missing hikers in Joshua Tree

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JOSHUA TREE, Calif. - The search continues on Saturday for two hikers who went missing while visiting Joshua Tree National Park in early August. 

On Saturday another intensive search hike took place in hopes to finding a clue on the whereabouts of 21-year-old Joseph Orbeso and 20-year-old Rachel Nguyen. The two were last heard from on July 27 by a cell phone ping. Their car was found near the Maze Loop trailhead in Joshua Tree National Park. And their belongings were still at the Airbnb they never checked out of. 

Orbeso's father, Gilbert Orbeso, has been joining Joshua Tree National Park Search and Rescue crews, as they comb through miles of terrain.

According to one search volunteer, JOSAR hasn't allowed family to join on searches in more than 7 years.

Joseph's uncle, Keith Martinez, joined in on Saturday morning's five hour hike.

You can donate to their GOFUNDME page here.

"We're very thankful that we do have a guide taking us out and we're very thankful for that. It's very easy to lose the trails, very easy to get disoriented, turned around, heat exhaustion, all of those things can happen while you're out there," said Martinez.

The search continued Saturday night, but this time with search dogs. 

The first week the pair went missing, weather conditions varied from 113 degrees to flash floods and thunder storms.

"We're hoping that they were able to get some of that water that came from the flash floods. It definitely changes the terrain as far as footprints, things that might be out there obviously can be washed away. Scents, things like that can all be changed from the rain. More than anything, we're just hoping they could get some of that water," Martinez said.

The Orbeso family will continue their search again next weekend. 

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