Falling gas prices level-off in SoCal

081619 cheap gas vo

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - With an excess supply of gas this summer, Southern California AAA- says gas prices have been decreasing steadily for over a month.

Our news team drove down Highway 111, starting in Palm Springs, and ending in Coachella. We recorded gas prices and calculated an average price of about $2.37 per gallon for regular, unleaded gas.

While gas prices have been low, there are still drastic differences between prices in the Valley. At one intersection, we found contrasting prices. One gas station is selling gas for $2.29, while another station offered gas for $2.65.

One woman says she is always looking for the best prices and is willing to drive out of her way to find them. Other people say they fill up based on convenience or quality. 

Gas prices tumbled 30 cents during the streak. AAA says gas prices are expected to level off these next few weeks.

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