• Does poetry still matter?

    Poetry book

    Araya Diaz/ poetry book

    Quick: Name a famous living poet. Somebody. Anybody. No, not Maya Angelou. She died last year.

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    By Brandon Griggs CNN
  • Apple upgrades its education features

    iPad Air, iPad Mini

    Courtesy Apple

    Unless they have a particularly large and hungry dog, some kids just lost an excuse for not turning in their homework.

    Apple updated its iTunes U app on Thursday, adding a new feature that lets students turn in their homework directly from their iPad ...

  • Columbia University to divest from prisons


    InSapphoWeTrust/Wikimedia Commons

    Columbia University has become the first college in the United States to divest from private prison companies, following a student activist campaign.

    The decision means the Ivy League school -- which boasts a roughly $9 billion endowment -- will sell ...

  • When school's out, millions of kids go hungry

    Summer kid playing

    Andrew Burton/Getty Images

    No more teachers. No more books. No more free lunch.

  • Magic unfolds at preschool in retirement home

    File photo of child with elderly man

    Sandra Steins/pool via Getty Images

    Filmmaker Evan Briggs had spent a long time thinking about aging in America, our relationship to the elderly and how dysfunctional it seemed.

  • Study: 1 in 4 kids exposed to weapon violence

    Bullying bully school violence


    Sometimes it's hard to get our heads around statistics and comprehend what they mean, but the findings of a new study on our children's exposure to violence are easy to grasp -- and stunning in their scope.

  • Help wanted: Cambridge seeks Lego professor

    Legos, Lego contest


    Get your cover letters and resumes ready. The University of Cambridge is on the cusp of hiring a Lego professor.

  • High school senior awarded $3 million in scholarships

    School testing, SAT

    College is expensive, but it appears to be taken care of for one Chicago high school senior.

  • Top employers for new grads in Europe

    Students, classroom, education


    European graduates just can't get enough of Google.

    For the fourth year in a row, Google is the most attractive employer among European business students, and also ranks in the top five for those studying engineering and IT.

    According to the latest ann...

  • Why some comics don't like college campuses

    Jerry Seinfeld, October 2014

    Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

    Did you hear the one about the comedian and the college? The two usually go well together. But, sometimes, it's as if students and comedians are speaking different languages.

  • Government will erase debt for Corinthian students

    Corinthian Colleges logo

    Corinthian Colleges Inc. via Wikipedia

    The Department of Education will relieve much of the remaining student debt for those who attended the now shuttered Corinthian Colleges. If all eligible students take advantage, the price tag could cost the government up to $3.5 billion.

    Corinthian, ...

  • Study: Kids who watch 'Sesame Street' do better in school

    Sesame Street

    Children's Television Workshop

    Even Oscar the Grouch won't be annoyed by this. Kids who watch "Sesame Street" do better in elementary school, according to a new study by two economics professors.

  • The highest paid public university presidents

    Pennsylvania State University

    Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

    As tuition at public colleges and universities has continued to climb, so have the salaries of public university presidents.

    The average public college president earned just over $428,000 in 2014, up 7% from a year earlier, according to an analysis of...

  • Family served arrest warrants for cheering

    Cypress Bay High School graduation June 4, 2012

    Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    Four people who cheered -- allegedly excessively -- for their loved ones at a high school graduation ceremony in Senatobia, Mississippi, say they've now been slapped with an excessive punishment.

  • SAT prep courses now free online


    Two nonprofit organizations have teamed up to make SAT preparation materials available free online.

  • Actor Vince Vaughn speaks out for guns in schools

    Vince Vaughn gun rights

    Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

    Actor Vince Vaughn says he supports guns in schools to prevent mass shootings, detailing his stance in an interview in British GQ's July issue.

    Vaughn, star of screwball comedies such as "Wedding Crashers," "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" and...

  • Bill would allow guns on Texas campuses



    The Texas Legislature has voted to allow guns within buildings on public college campuses throughout the state.

    Senate Bill 11, which the state House passed by a vote of 98-47 Sunday, will now head to the desk of Gov. Greg Abbott, who is expected to ...

  • HS student earns 8 associate degrees

    college classroom lecture hall


    For one senior in Texas, he isn't just set to graduate from high school -- he's also graduating from college.

  • Ariz. bus driver refuses to let kids leave

    bus driver footage

    A school bus driver in Arizona was placed on administrative leave after a bus ride got out of control last week has voluntarily resigned.

  • Testing problems with Common Core jeopardize funds

    Kids taking test in school classroom education

    Tim Boyle/Getty Images

    Common Core testing problems in Nevada, North Dakota and Montana could jeopardize their federal funding.

  • Teacher of year fired over dirty diaper

    Apple on top of school books

    iStock / Liliboas

    A teacher of the year award winner in St. Louis, Missouri, is being fired over a dirty diaper, Fox News reports, to the chagrin of parents of children in her classroom.

  • Police: Elementary teacher was drunk in classroom

    Jennifer Rich

    Police said they were called to East Elementary School after receiving a report that a teacher was observed with a can of beer in her classroom.

  • School apologizes for taking away blind boy's cane

    Dakota Nafzinger

    Dakota Nafzinger via Facebook

    A school in Missouri is apologizing after taking away a blind boy's cane as punishment and replacing it with a foam pool noodle.

  • Johns Hopkins mistakenly welcomes wrong students

    Johns Hopkins University

    Nearly 300 applicants to Johns Hopkins University had their hopes dashed after they were sent acceptance letters by mistake.

  • Learn science while hacking your Roomba

    Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner

    Scott Olson/Getty Images

    Want a programmable robot of your very own that you can teach anything from playing your favorite songs to cleaning up after the party? iRobot says go ahead and hack your Roomba.


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