Early Black Friday shoppers set up outside Best Buy in Beaumont

Early Black Friday shoppers set up outside Best Buy in Beaumont

BEAUMONT, Calif. - "Good things happen to those who wait," said Mike Pinon, who has been waiting in line outside Best Buy in Beaumont for more than a week. 

Pinon and Victoria Torres try to stay warm while they wait for some hot deals.

"It's cold, really cold. Your body aches and we don't get much sleep because of the traffic coming in and out," Pinon said.

They sleep, or at least try to, in their lawn chairs. 

"When you can't afford it you have to do what you have to do because you're getting a good price," Torres said.

Best Buy, like many other retailers, will open its doors for Black Friday early this year, at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Deals include $100 off tablets and several hundred dollars off TVs.

"My daughter wants a TV and I want a Kindle," Torres said.

"With the TV alone I'll be saving like $2,000," Pinon said.

And, for those kind of savings, Torres and Pinon will forego their turkey.  

"We'll go to sleep after then eat our Thanksgiving dinner late.  At least we'll have our stuff," Pinon said.

But, other shoppers can't imagine going to such extreme lengths for a bargain.

"I think they must be pretty desperate for a good deal or two save a couple bucks," said Zac Ramirez, who walked by the Pinon and Torres on his way into Best Buy.

If you're planning to shop on Black Friday, we found some other ways to get the best deals this holiday shopping season:

1. Know where to buy - websites like can help you find bargains and special bonuses.

2. Know what to buy - gives you research on the best products on the market

3. Stay persistent - many big retailers will match their competitors prices online and in stores, but you have to speak up.

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