Dr. Russell Grant said the high heat forecast for this weekend is a serious danger.

"Every year in this country people die from heat related injuries, and they are all virtually preventable," Dr. Russell Grant from Eisenhower Urgent Care said. 

Dr. Grant said not to underestimate the triple digit temperatures, as much as 20 degrees above average for this time of year.

"The first degree is heat exhaustion.That person is able to sweat still. They will be sweaty, pulse fast, shallow and rapid breathing. They may develop some nausea or dizziness," Dr. Grant said. 

That can turn into heat stroke. 

"Heat stroke is a real medical emergency. People who suffer from heat stroke, many of them will die, especially the elderly. At the heat stroke stage, the body is not able to produce sweat anymore,"  Dr. Grant said. 

People we talked with says they will definitely take the doctor's advice.

"Staying indoors. It's going to be deadly hot. Make sure the plants are all watered and stay indoors and do some good reading," Pat Moomjian said. 

"Be prepared. Carry a cooler in the car with water in it. Stay indoors as often as possible with the AC going," Cindy Rathbun said. 

So the heat and its effects don't surprise anyone, resident or visitor.