Newsmaker: Desi doll inspired by Desi herself

Desi Strong Foundation helping local families

CBS Local 2 Newsmaker - Desi Strong...

PALM DESERT, Calif. - The Desi Strong Foundation cut the ribbon on a new office in Palm Desert, and debuted the Desi Doll, a comfort item to help other children battling cancer.

Desi Cechin passed away in March at the age of six, after a two year battle against neuroblastoma.

Loved ones and community members are now helping other local families afflicted with major illness or injury through a foundation and a doll that bears her name.

Manny Marrujo and Melissa Neiderman of the Desi Strong Foundation explain how they're using funds to keep Desi's legacy alive.

Learn more about the Desi Strong Foundation

Sponsor a Desi Doll for another sick child.

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