Desert X gets global attention

Desert X art exhibition gets global...

COACHELLA VALLEY, Calif. - It's time to say goodbye to Desert X. The nearly two-month-long exhibition comes to a close this Sunday. But before it's over, Desert X is making its mark on the world.

It's been the subject of 30,000 posts on Instagram, and the likes of actress Victoria Justice have filled their feeds with Desert X photos. To say founder Susan Davis is proud is an understatement.

"We've managed to exceed our artistic expectations, our numbers of visitors, the way the community has embraced us," Davis said.

Since it opened on February 25, organizers estimate more than 100,000 people have seen the exhibition. People from as far as New Zealand are hearing about Desert X via social media.

"It came up on my Instagram, on my search feed," said Megan Donaldson, who's visiting from New Zealand.

Davis has done a number of international interviews.

"Last week, I just did an interview with the Japanese newspaper. We had the largest French television station here on-site and we've had German radio, and those are just three I can think about easily," Davis said.

Visitors from all over the world love this concept.

"We brought a drone out today so we took some really cool footage from above as well. It's really interesting," said Lexi Kalman, who is visiting from Canada.

"I just like how you can walk around it. It's quite interactive," Donaldson said.

And if you're worried Desert X is going away forever, don't be.

"About a week ago, the board of directors decided to mount a Desert X again in 2019," Davis said.

If you want to check out Desert X before it's gone click here.

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