Desert Water Agency holds public workshop on saving water

Desert Water Agency holds public workshop on saving water

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - The Desert Water Agency's customers are more conscious than ever about their water consumption.

"I'm mainly looking for water conservation ideas, things I can do in my own yard," said Ken Agee, a Palm Springs resident who participated in the agency's public workshop on water conservation Saturday.

"We wanted the community to participate in the decisions and the discussion about the changes to our water use behavior," said Katie Ruark, public information officer for the Desert Water Agency.

The forum included displays and presentations about water use, tips on rebates and incentives, and information on future programs. 

"We were able to explain things we're doing now, and things we may want to do again later," Ruark said. 

One update announced at the workshop: customers will soon be able to report water leaks and broken sprinkler heads to the agency via an app on their smartphone.

"If you're out walking your dog, and see your neighbor has a broken sprinkler head, you can pull out your phone tell us where you are and what you see and then we can investigate it," Ruark said.

The workshop also stressed the importance of cutting down on water wasted on lawns by providing resources on desert landscaping.

"We have to realize that we're in the desert and the desert is beautiful and indigenous landscaping is really the way to go," said Sunny Nelson, a Palm Springs resident.

Residents say this knowledge will help them not only save money on their bill, but do their part during this historic drought. 

"If everyone uses their fair share and conserves what they can, there'll be enough water for everybody," Agee said.

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