Come Oct. 7th, six rock "n" roll acts will be here in the Coachella Valley for two weekends, for what some have dubbed "old-chella," and wristbands are starting to arrive on people's doorsteps as the first weekend of the mega-event is only a month away.

"Actually, I'm really excited to see all these guys. The Stones, Dylan, McCartney, Neil Young and of course, The Who," says Tom Durfee, who will be attending the event for his 70th birthday.

Wristbands sold out in just hours.

Durfee waited 57 minutes in line, online for tickets to the inaugural event. Tickets sold out in four hours, prompting concert promoter Goldenvoice to add a second weekend. It is not only ticket sales that are through the roof. Hotels in the Valley have sold out, and rental properties have been snatched up at incredible rates as well.

"There was an uptick almost immediately," said Matthew Bechstein. "I think we had in the first few hours, 60 or 70 properties booked."

Bechstein is the property acquisitions manager at Oranj Palm Vacation Homes in Palm Springs. He said he is excited to see the season extend out into a shoulder season.

People can also find rentals on Airbnb and Craigslist.

CBS Local 2's and KESQ News Channel 3's Katie Widner got an exclusive tour of one home in Palm Springs for which the guest house is renting that weekend for more than double its usual price.

"Our guest house averaged about $225 a night and for special events, it's gone to $450 a night," said owner Mike Woods, who also happens to be an area realtor.

Despite all the costs involved, those who are attending the concert say it is well worth it.

"It's going to be a great time," Durfy said.

A number of people interviewed for this story commented on how summer in the Coachella Valley has not slowed down as far as business and tourism goes and Desert Trip seems to be just another example of that. This is the first year, and depending on it goes, Goldenvoice may continue the event.