Desert R.A.T.S host Hamfest, radio expo

Video: Desert R.A.T.S host Hamfest,...

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - The Desert Radio Amateur Transmitting Society, also known as The Desert R.A.T.S, hosted the 2017 Palm Springs Hamfest.

The Palm Springs Air Museum turned into a ham haven Saturday morning. 

Hundreds browsed one- of-a-kind equipment from a number of vendors. Palms Springs Mayor Robert Moon says ham services are vital to the Valley.

“If there's ever crisis and we loose our main communication lines, these are the people who would be our link to the world out there,” Moon said. For years the California office of Emergency Services has warned people to be prepared for the next big earthquake, and when that happens, amateur radio operators say they’re ready.

“Like the earthquake in Haiti, the only communication for weeks was ham radio. That's how emergency supplies got into Haiti. So we're always planning for that,” said the president of the Desert R.A.T.S. 

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