Desert Hot Springs pool reopens, kids swim for $1

John H. Furbee Aquatics Center reopens, kids swim for $1, adults $4

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - The John H. Furbee Aquatics Center in Desert Hot Springs is back open for summer.

"We have a lot of kids in Desert Hot Springs that need a place to swim," said donor John Furbee.

However, the kids aren't showing up.

"Last year it was great. This year. It's nothing. I'm not sure why there aren't swimmers," said Desert Hot Springs resident Randy Duncan.

The city's budget crisis forced the pool to close for months and limited the public's swim season to the summer months, which Furbee said is keeping swimmers at bay.

"People don't realize we're open and they don't realize what a reasonable price it is," he said.

To help, Furbee donated to the center to lower the price.

 Now, children 18 and under can swim for $1. Adults swim for $4 or free if they don't swim.

The city has a contract with Fullerton Aquatics Sports Team, or FAST, to offer lessons, lap and open swim.

"We encourage people to join the swim team or water polo," said Furbee's son Steve Schick.

The goal is to keep the center open year-round.

"We're just trying to get the word out. Once we get more kids involved we can fully program this facility," said facilities director Wes Sinclair.

"We as a city were suffering. We had some difficulties, now we have them solved. The pool is open and I think it will be open forever," said Furbee.

For pool hours and prices, call 760-251-1600 or visit the website.

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