Desert Hot Springs football game canceled after player gets involved in fight in bleacher-side brawl

1020 FB Fight

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - Desert Hot Springs high school football game canceled after player jumped into an ongoing confrontation in the stands.

According to a crew member who was covering the game, an unidentified Desert Hot Springs player went into the crowd and fought a fan before the game. We were later able to confirm the player had jumped into an altercation already underway.

Desert Hot Springs police officers are on scene. DHS PD Deputy Chief Jim Henson said the player has been detained but not arrested. 

The brawl in the stands happened shortly after the pregame senior night celebrations between player's families.

Errol Wilson, the defensive coordinator for the DHS, spoke to us about the disappointment he felt for the seniors, their families, and fans of the team.

"I honestly don't have the words to express the disappointment that I'm feeling for those young men and that I'm sure they're feeling for themselves. We are as we speak letting them know what's going on," Wilson said. "Up to 5 minutes ago they thought that this was going to be handled and that they were going to play in their last home game and for them to miss out on this is an unspeakable shame." 

The Palm Springs Unified School District released a statement on the fight via a spokesperson:

"The Principal assessed the situation and decided that in the best interest for the safety of spectators and players to cancel the game" - PSUSD

Henson couldn't confirm the number of people injured in the fight but said any injuries suffered by people were minor.

No word on what this means for the rest of the Desert Hot Springs' football team season.

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