Desert Hot Springs City Manager announces resignation

Rick Daniels offered the position of Needles City Manager

Desert Hot Springs, Calif. - Desert Hot Springs City Manager Rick Daniels, in a letter to Mayor Yvonne Parks, states he will be leaving his post at the city in early September.   The letter that KESQ obtained was dated July 24th.

In the letter, Daniels states that he will pursue other opportunities in either the private or public sector.

According to Needles City Clerk Dale Jones, Daniels was made an offer on July 23rd to take over the position of City Manager for the city of Needles.  The offer is pending final contract negotiations. 

Needles current City Manager David Brownlee took over the position on in interim basis in August 2010.  Jones says Brownlee will stay on with the city.  The earliest that Daniels could be approved to the position is August 13th, that is the City Council's next meeting date.

Daniels also stated in his resignation letter that he and his wife Joyce have made many friends in the community that will last a lifetime.  It is with mixed emotions that I move on with my career.

Daniels was also a finalist for the County Administrator position in Clackamas County in Oregon.

Needles is a small desert city of less than 5,000 population and remotely located on Interstate 40 between Barstow and Arizona.

We have left a message for Daniels, but still have not spoken with him about the job offer.  Daniels has served the community of Desert Hot Springs since 2007.

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