CV Link users confused about where to park

CV Link users confused about where to park

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - The first segment of the CV Link is finally open, runners and bikers are free to use the path as they please, but they don't know where to park.

Douglas Fong and his wife used the link for the first time today.

"We want to build up our endurance so it's a good segment we could shoot for," Fong said.

He says they were confused on where they should park.

"It's a good idea in concept, but we had trouble parking. We started at the Ramon entrance but all they have is a strip mall and I figured the business wouldn't like us parking there," Fong said.

He opted to park on the shoulder of Vista Chino.

Fong isn't the only person confused on where to park.

"I think it would be good if they had parking,"  I understand that it is an exercise path so they probably want you biking or walking but from where we live, because the street is busy, personally I don't feel safe just riding my bike in here and it's kind of uncomfortable to leave your car here but there's nowhere else.

"When it comes to parking the first segment is not conducive for parking there and going to use the space," said Chris Parman, communications/events manager for Cathedral City.

Parman said the city has a number of plans to add parking and access points to the link.

"The city is working with the Desert Regional Healthcare District to put in a new park right along the CV Link, which will allow not only park amenities, it will also provide some additional parking spaces so you can go to the park there and get on the CV Link," Parman said.

Most importantly Parman asks for user's patience.

"It's under construction, this was just one small aspect that got built and it's 2.4 miles over 50 miles and once it's all linked together there's going to be so many places so many destinations so many entry points for people to use," Parman said.

While there isn't a firm date, Parman expects the entire link to be complete by around 2021 or 2022.

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