CV Link approved with alternate route and long road ahead

CV Link approved with alternate route, c

PALM DESERT, Calif. - CV Link project and its final Environmental Impact Report was approved Monday night, setting a milestone for the project after more than five years of planning in the Coachella Valley.

Rancho Mirage representatives voted against the project and Indian Wells abstained from the vote.

The decision came after a lengthy public comment on both sides of the project and discussion by Valley representatives.

Despite the approval, some residents said they are concerned with maintenance costs. One resident said it also won’t be as safe as people think.

"When you put a 3,000-pound vehicle going 25 mph or faster on the same pathway -- it’s not going to be safe," Palm Desert resident Randy Roberts said.

Those in support said they are eager to take the alternate route in the future for a safer ride through the valley.

"When I travel to other states where they have designated bike paths and lanes, it’s a lot safer," said cyclist Rick Kofcelik.

The approved project excludes Rancho Mirage and Indian Wells from the route.

If all goes as planned, construction for the CV Link is estimated to begin sometime after 2018.

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