Video shows suspects accused of elementary school theft & vandalism

Beaumont police release surveillance...

BEAUMONT, Calif. - The Beaumont Police Department has caught up with one suspect accused of theft and vandalism at an elementary school on Sunday, but officers are still searching for three additional suspects seen in the surveillance video. 

Officers said at the incident occurred at Anna Hause Elementary School, located at 1015 Carnation Lane at about 6:50 a.m. 

Police said there were multiple juveniles that had been on the school grounds and damaged roof tiles and computer equipment of one of the buildings. In addition to the vandalism, the suspects stole computers and electronics from a classroom. 

Also, a garden area that the Kindergarten students had in place to grow potted plants for Mother's Day was vandalized, according to the Beaumont Police Department. 

Police caught one suspect whose vehicle was issued a parking ticket the day before the vandalism occurred. The suspect admitted to being involved with the damage to the roof. But, officers are still working to identify three other suspects seen in the surveillance video on the school's campus. 

Officers ask anyone who may have information about the theft and vandalism to call the on-duty watch commander at 951-769-8500. 



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