Homes listed for sale without owner's knowledge or consent

Riverside County DA's office investigating several reports of home sale fraud

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - The Riverside County District Attorneys office is warning residents of a scam where homeowners are finding their properties up for sale on various internet sites without their consent or knowledge.

The DA's office, through a post on it's Facebook page, said it's received several recent complaints.

Homeowners report properties listed as "For Sale by Owner" on websites including Zillow, Redfin and Trulia.

The Da's office suspects scammers are posting the fraudulent listings in an attempt to sell homes to unsuspecting buyers who would then send a deposit to the fraudster.

Investigators recommend homeowners check the sites to make sure their home is not listed, and any buyer should always confirm homes they wish to purchase are indeed up for sale by the legal owner.

The Da's office says to contact your local law enforcement agency if you believe you've been victimized.

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