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COACHELLA, Calif. - On Twitter Saturday night, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department said they were still searching for 27-year-old Gildardo "Goofy" Davila, a known gang member accused of shooting and injuring a Deputy Thursday night. New photos released by the department show off some more of the suspect's tattoos. 

Davila is 5'9, 175 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He is considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, call 911. If you have any information that could help the case, please call the RSO at 760-836-3215.

The Investigative Team at KESQ News Channel 3 is digging into the criminal past of the wanted gunman accused of shooting a Riverside County sheriff's deputy in Coachella Thursday night. 

We've found that Gildardo Davila of Coachella, 27, has been known to police for years. He's a confirmed gang member of the Varrio Coachella RIFAS gang. His nickname is 'Goofy'.

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These are court documents marking Davila's numerous run ins with Law Enforcement in Coachella dating back to 2008. 

Since then he racked up seven felonies: three for car thefts, three more for possession of methamphetamine another for possession of a firearm and ammunition

According to court documents we uncovered, Davila told officers in 2014 he has used meth for 12 years. Multiple times, police attempt to locate Davila for his warrants, he runs from police. 

In 2013, Davila fled into the backyard of someone's home from police, then jumped a fence. Police recovered a backpack .. Inside...  Davila's paystubs, birth certificate, and meth. 

In 2014, an anonymous report helped police locate Davila in Coachella. Davila tried to escape through a back window but was caught. According to the court documents, police found two ballistic vests and a red backpack with a gun holster inside.

Now, multiple agencies deployed both on the ground and in the air trying to take him back off the streets. 

Police say Davila is armed and dangerous. If anyone has any information on his whereabouts they are asked to contact Valley Crime Stoppers at (760)341-STOP, your tips can remain anonymous.

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